Average residential solar system prices (1.5kW – 10kW)

Residential solar power system prices

Prices in the table below include both the up-front incentive available for small-scale systems through the Renewable Energy Target (i.e. ‘STC discount’) and GST – they represent the total retail price of the system to the customer. We’ve left fields blank where there were only a small number of price points available in our database (usually less than 3).

In particular, the prices below encompass:

  • Supply & installation of solar panels
  • Supply & installation of a string inverter, microinverters and/or power optimisers
  • Supply & installation of all requisite cabling, safety & mounting equipment
  • The federal ‘discount’/incentive available for all accredited small-scale solar installations in Australia
  • GST

Average out-of-pocket costs by city & system size

Adelaide, SA$3,350$3,870$4,540$4,890$5,870$8,990
Brisbane, QLD$4,190$4,790$5,660$6,100$7,390$10,400
Canberra, ACT$4,410$4,850$5,650$6,460$7,540$10,340
Darwin, NT$5,800$7,710$8,920$10,170$11,250$14,420
Hobart, TAS$5,020$5,650$6,620$7,560$8,570$12,390
Melbourne, VIC$4,200$4,450$5,010$5,510$6,470$8,750
Sydney, NSW$3,940$4,430$5,050$5,530$6,610$9,050
Perth, WA$3,400$3,730$4,860$5,830$6,240$10,310