15,000 new Australian households going solar monthly, with Queensland leading the way

Australians continue to install rooftop solar at a rate of more than 15,000 households a month, according to new data from Green Energy Trading, adding peak capacity of 64.8MW in the month of June.

A total of 92,045 households added 389MW of rooftop solar in the first half of 2014, which is less than when feed-in tariffs were at their peak, but more than most independent experts predicted.

The data also shows that doubt over the Renewable Energy Target and other clean energy policies does not appear to be affecting Australian households, who continue to install rooftop solar at higher than expected rates.

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Queensland remains the state with the biggest market, accounting for one third of total national installations.

And Victoria has emerged as the second biggest market, overtaking NSW and the once booming South Australia.

Interestingly, the Victoria market is growing despite complaints about connection refusals and downsizing, and higher tariffs for solar households.

In Queensland, the installations have accelerated, helping prompt local network operators to decide to wave through applications – as long as household solar systems do not export back to the grid.

South Australia, meanwhile, has fallen below its 12 month average in the last few months, as the state’s feed-in tariffs wind back.

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