Nigel Morris: Commercial & solar farm tender specialist for Solar Choice

Solar Business Services director Nigel Morris is now working alongside Solar Choice’s commercial tender management team as Commercial and Solar Farm Tenders Specialist. Mr Morris brings 20+ years of experience in the Australian solar industry to bear in this position, and his broad perspective and substantial insights into the commercial solar PV sector will complement Solar Choice Commercial‘s impartial approach to managing tenders for commercial-scale solar projects.

History in Australia’s solar industry

Nigel’s background is in automotive manufacturing and quality assurance, where he worked in the 1980’s. Since the early 1990’s his work has been involved in renewable energy industry. After spending over a decade (1997-2009) working for BP Solar in sales, marketing, and management roles, he moved on to start Australia’s first solar consultancy firm, Solar Business Services, in 2009.

Since its foundation in 2009, Solar Business Services (SBS) has been one of the leading voices in Australia’s rapidly growing solar PV industry. SBS not only provides business development and marketing strategy support for a wide range of solar system component manufacturers & installers, but also works with a number of Australia’s most prominent renewable energy industry peak bodies (the Clean Energy Council, the Solar Council of Australia, and the Australian PV Association, to name a few) to undertake analysis and contribute to reports covering almost every aspect of the solar sector in the country. In 2011, the Australian Solar Energy Society presented SBS with its ‘Industry Advocacy and Leadership Award’, in recognition of the company’s contribution to the advancement of Australia’s solar industry in the form of quality information and data-based advocacy.

On the back of all his experience, Nigel has acted as advisor to both state and local governments, and has toured across the country as a pubic speaker and lecturer. Whilst continuing to work under his Solar Business Services hat, he will now also be putting his considerable experience to use supporting Solar Choice Commercial on specific projects as a specialist advisor.

Commercial solar power experience

In addition to developing some of Australia’s first commercial solar projects in previous roles, through Solar Business Services Nigel has supported many of his clients in the development of numerous commercial and large-scale solar PV projects and has completed a Project Management diploma course. Service he has provided include economic analysis, feasibility studies and product selection for a number of multi-megawatt and multi-kilowatt solar projects, not to mention involvement in hundreds of smaller-scale commercial projects. His roles and responsibilities in these projects have included electricity market analysis, system design & installation, risk management profiling, cost & budget planning and management, and financial modelling.

Those in the industry who have met him know Nigel for his personable nature, his clear communication style, and his deep technical knowledge. Comfortable both in boardroom as well as hands-on situations, he approaches challenges with enthusiasm and determination. These qualities make him a boon to both the Solar Choice Commercial team as well as to our commercial clients.

Working with Solar Choice Commercial

Nigel will be supporting the team as a specialist advisor and Solar Choice Commercial welcomes Nigel aboard as one of its key members.

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