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1-for-1 Solar Buybacks vs Feed-in Tariffs, Solar Choice Brisbane Office, Solar Power Rates through different Electricity Retailers

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Solar Choice opens Brisbane branch office
1-for-1 Solar Buyback Schemes vs Solar Feed-in Tariffs: The economics
Update: Which electricity retailers are offering the best rate for solar in your state?

9 Feb 2012

Issue 2

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Welcome to Issue 2 of the Solar Choice Newsletter

Solar Choice is happy to announce the opening of our Brisbane, Queensland office. The new branch will be headed up by experienced Solar Energy Broker Henry Walcott, who donned the hat of Queensland State Manager at the end of January 2012. The Brisbane office will service all of Queensland, and will also act as a base for Solar Choice’s present and future Queensland Solar Communities.

This week brings two articles relating to state and regional solar incentives. The first is about the economics of a 1-for-1 Solar Buyback Scheme (as compared to that of Solar Feed-in Tariffs), and the other is about the different rates offered for solar power to system owners who feed their power into the grid. There are a number of things to consider in order to ensure that your solar system gives you the best returns possible. Choosing the right electricity retailer is one thing that any new residential solar customer should consider. Once the system is installed, how to manage and time electricity demand and usage throughout the day is another.

Remember that solar system prices across the country have reached all-time lows due to intense competition and a global glut of component stock. This means that good returns on investment and shorter payback periods, even where there are no local incentives for solar power. Solar Choice, as Australia’s Solar Energy brokering service, with a network of over 70 installers nation-wide, is uniquely positioned to help customers find the best solar deals on offer in their area. Request a free Solar Quote Comparison and initiate a dialogue with one of our Solar Energy Brokers today.

Solar Power Developments and News in your state:


Solar Choice opens Brisbane branch office

Solar Choice has opened a branch office in Brisbane, Queensland, to better service customers in the Sunshine State. There are a few good reasons for Brisbane residents to go solar, including great returns on investment. Download our Brisbane Solar Power ROI calculator to get an idea of what sort of financial benefits a solar PV system could offer you if you are a Brisbane or Queensland resident!

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1-for-1 Solar Buyback vs Solar Feed-in Tariff Schemes: The economics

In addition to the Solar Credit Rebates available through the Federal government, depending the state/territory and region that you live in, you may be eligible for either a Solar Feed-in Tariff or a Solar Buyback scheme. For the purposes of this article, a Solar Feed-in Tariff scheme offers solar customers a premium per kilowatt-hour for electricity they feed into the grid, while a 1-for-1 Solar Buyback scheme pays customers the same rate per kWh that they pay for their electricity from the grid. Depending on which type of scheme you are signed up to (or if there is any scheme on offer!), the ways in which you can time your power usage to maximise your financial returns from solar differ. Read the article to find out more.

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Which electricity retailers offer the best rates for solar power?

In order to attract solar customers, some electricity retailers pay more for solar power. In Queensland, for example, some retailers offer as much as 8 additional cents per kilowatt-hour on top of the 44c/kWh available through the state’s Solar Feed-in Tariff scheme, bringing the total to 52c/kWh. Likewise, although there is no longer any official NSW Solar Bonus scheme in place (recommendations for a new SBS is due out in April this year), customers of certain retailers may be paid up to 8c/kWh for solar power that they export to the grid. Find out who offers what rates in your area in this recently updated article.

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