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Finding the best solar deals in Perth and Melbourne, 100% Renewable Energy Campaigners, and Desertec–Solar Power from the Sahara Desert to Germany

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100% Renewable Energy: Campaigning for large-scale solar power in 2012
Desertec: Sending solar power from the Sahara to Germany
Finding the best deals on solar power installations in Perth and Melbourne

23 Feb 2012

Issue 4

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Welcome to the issue 4 of the Solar Choice NewsletterThis week’s newsletter contains 2 articles about large-scale solar. First off, the not-for-profit grassroots group 100% Renewable Energy has made a push for large-scale solar power the focus of its activities for the year 2012. This is especially interesting in light of the recent developments with the Solar Flagships program’s Moree Solar Farm, discussed in the previous newsletter. The organisation plans to call for 2 gigawatts of solar to be ‘announced’ by the end of the year, mainly through funding channels set up under Australia’s new Carbon Price legislation. The other ‘big solar’ article concerns Germany’s project to pipe solar electricity from North Africa and across the Mediterranean Sea to help shore up its future energy security–Desertec.

On the residential side, we have composed out 2 articles detailing the potential financial benefits of going solar in 2 of Australia’s state capitals: Melbourne and Perth. Although residents of the former have access to a state Feed-in Tariff incentive scheme whilst residents of the latter do not, both stand to benefit financially from solar PV systems depending on how they time their power usage. This is especially true if they manage to find a good deal on their system! Solar Choice, as Australia’s solar installation and solar quote comparison service, is in an excellent position to help our customers do just this. If you are in the market for a solar PV system, request a free Solar Quote Comparison and initiate a dialogue with one of our Solar Energy Brokers today.

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100% Renewable Energy: Campaigning for large-scale solar in 2012

Since 2010, 100% Renewable Energy has been working to build up grassroots capacity to effectively campaign for a complete transition to clean energy in Australia. Galvanised into action by the lack of leadership in the upper levels of government, founder Lindsay Soutar started the organisation with the intention of educating and empowering local communities to effect change through their representatives, as well as to spread the message to their friends and family. 100% now has over 20 local action groups across the country, and has become a recognised player in Australia’s renewable energy debate. The organisation will be focussing on a push to ‘Build Big Solar’ power for the year 2012.

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Desertec: Solar power from the Sahara to Germany

A recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald analyses German’s plans to pipe solar power from the Sahara Desert across the Mediterranean, and into its electricity grid. The project, known as Desertec, is on the concept level simple, but on the technical, economic, and political levels, fraught with potential risks. Desertec is an interesting contrast to the Australian Federal Government’s Solar Flagships project, which sets to support solar power plants of similar size, but within its own national borders.

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Finding the best deals on solar power in Perth and Melbourne

A combination of factors makes now a good time to go solar pretty much anywhere in Australia. Record low solar PV system prices, coupled with rising electricity prices make investing in a system a wise decision for homes and businesses. Circumstances differ from state to state and city to city, but depending on how much and when electricity is used throughout today, solar can help significantly reduce–and in some cases even eliminate–electricity bills altogether.

If you are a Perth resident or business with a high rate of daytime energy consumption, for example, solar could potentially save you hundreds or thousands of dollars on your electricity bill per year–even with no state Solar Feed-in Tariff on offer.

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Melbourne residents, on the other hand, have access to both of Victoria’s Feed-in Tariffs–Transitional and Standard–which offer some of the most generous rates for exported solar power in the country. Homes of all electricity consumption patterns stand to benefit from these incentives, which help to improve Return on Investment and shorten payback periods.

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