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Federal gov’t dumps solar hot water rebate, Live PV system output data:, Mowanjum community in WA goes solar, Best solar PV deals in Adelaide and Sydney

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Federal Government Dumps Solar Hot Water Rebate
Comparing solar PV system output:
Mowanjum Aboriginal Corporation goes Solar
The benefits of going solar in Adelaide and Sydney

5 March 2012

Issue 5

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Federal Government Dumps Solar Hot Water Incentives

The Federal Government has abruptly dropped its incentive for Solar Hot Water.  The Renewable Energy Bonus Scheme (REBS) offered rebates of $1000 for solar hot water systems, or $600 for heat pump hot water systems. Solar hot water systems will still be eligible for up-front rebates in the from of Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs, a type of Renewable Energy Certificate, or REC) under the Federal Solar Credits rebate scheme. The rebate reduction will have no effect on homes and businesses who plan on installing solar photovoltaics (PV) systems.

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Comparing solar PV system output:

Those in the market for a solar PV system and carefully considering their options are constantly on the lookout for more information on solar system sizes and components (namely, inverters and solar panels). It is not always easy to get specific, accurate information on how a system might operate once installed in a certain area. is an extremely useful resource for people who would like to have an idea how much power a system in their area will produce, as well as to check their system performance against that of others located in the same area.

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Mowanjum Aboriginal Corporation goes Solar

The Mowanjum Aboriginal Corporation, with the assistance of Solar Choice as tender manager, installed approximately 130KW of solar PV across its headquarters in June 2010.  The aim of the installation was to reduce Corporation power bills, which can be especially high during the wet season, when temperatures can soar above 40 degrees and life without airconditioners can be extremely uncomfortable.

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Finding the Best Solar PV deals in Sydney and Adelaide

Two articles detailing the benefits of installing a solar PV system for residents of Adelaide and Sydney, including sunshine hours, Federal Government Solar Credits, and applicable solar Feed-in Tariffs.

All Australians with eligible grid-connected solar systems may receive upfront rebates in the form of Renewable Energy Certificates. Additionally, many state governments also offer Solar Feed-in Tariffs: South Australia currently offers approximately 23c for each kilowatt-hour of solar electricity exported to the grid.

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Sydney residents, on the other hand, will benefit most from a solar PV system if they are present to consume the electricity as it is being generated.

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