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Best QLD Solar Feed-In Tariffs

Queensland, otherwise known as the Sunshine state has a perfect environment for solar panel installations. With 300 days of sunshine per year and an average of 8-9 hours of sun […]

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Data Signs Installs 30kW Solar System

Data Signs (Australia) commenced manufacturing in 1976 as a “Programmable Message Sign” manufacturer. Today, Data Signs Pty Ltd is the largest manufacturer of Solar Powered Traffic Management equipment in the […]

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Tesla Solar Roof: Everything you need to know

In recent years, there’s been a lot of hype about Tesla’s Solar Roofs in Australia. If you’ve thought about installing this new piece of technology but aren’t sure if it’s […]

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Residential Solar PV Price Index – July 2021

Average residential solar system prices remains at the level of $0.92 per watt ($/W) this month on the back of several factors, including changes to the composition of the Solar […]

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Best SA Solar Feed-In Tariffs

Residents in South Australia have the highest electricity rates in Australia.  This explains why going solar is a big motivation for household owners there, with one in three having a […]

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Adelaide Image Printing installs 40kW Solar System

Adelaide Image Printing have over 30 years of experience and their skill team provides a range of printing services.  The company has made a commitment to operating environmentally sustainable practices […]

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