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3 Phase Solar Inverters: Do you need one?

Most residential premises in Australia have single-phase power, but if you have a large home or have specifically upgraded your power supply (for example to cover a hot-tub!) then you […]

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Suntech Solar Panels- Independent Review

Overview of Suntech Solar – Company History Suntech Power was founded in 2001 by Dr Zhengrong Shi who is widely recognised as a pioneer of solar module manufacturing and dubbed […]

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Solar Panels Comparison: Types & Brands

On this page How do Solar Panels work? Different Types of Solar Panels Three tests to determine if a Solar Panel brand is good Industry Standards for Warranties How much […]

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Winaico Solar Panels – Independent Review

Overview of Winaico – Company History Winaico was founded in 2008 and has expanded firstly into europe, and in 2012 opened offices in the US, Australian and Japanese markets.  Winaico […]

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Is home solar power still worth it in 2021?

Solar Energy provides many benefits for the environment, this article examines the costs, benefits and payback period of installing solar panels on a residential rooftop.   What is the average […]

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Seraphim Solar Panels- Independent Review

Overview of Seraphim – Company History Seraphim is a Chinese solar panel manufacturer, originally established in 2011. Established with a mission to develop a better world through continuous solar innovation, […]

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