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Commercial Solar PV Price Index – May 2021

Average commercial solar system prices increases $0.01 per watt ($/W) for the last three months which lies at the level of $1.18 per Watt. Commercial solar system prices (10kW-100kW) All […]

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Residential Solar PV Price Index – May 2021

Average residential solar system prices increases to the level of $0.91 per watt ($/W) this month on the back of several factors, including changes to the composition of the Solar […]

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Solar Panels in Mt Gambier

We can see from data from the Australian Photovoltaics Institue that almost 10MW of solar panels have been installed across approximately 2,500 systems. Based on the roof space available that […]

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3 Phase Solar Inverters: Do you need one?

Most residential premises in Australia have single-phase power, but if you have a large home or have specifically upgraded your power supply (for example to cover a hot-tub!) then you […]

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