80kW commercial solar power installation in Derby, Western Australia

80kW commercial-scale solar roof in WA

by James Martin II on June 8, 2011

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A massive rooftop solar power project developed and managed by Solar Choice has recently been completed in Derby, Western Australia. The owner of the shed is a WA businessman who recognised the long-term investment value of a this commercial-scale solar project, especially in the face of expected rising electricity prices nation-wide.

80kW worth of thin-film solar photovoltaic panels were installed on the roof of a commercial shed with a shallow pitch. Thin-film panels, which have a high heat tolerance compared to traditional crystalline silicon cells, will avoid significant production losses due to the extreme temperatures that the region is prone to. Derby’s tropical location also means that the sun’s position varies throughout the year–north of the rooftop in the summer, and south of the rooftop in the winter. This makes the shed’s east-west orientation ideal for solar irradiation throughout the year.

Solar Choice Commercial manages the tender process for a wide diversity of large-scale solar power projects throughout Australia, including for mining companies, restaurant groups, shopping centres, and rural solar farms. For professional management and consultancy on your solar energy project, contact our Commercial Tenders Management team on 1300 78 72 73 for more information.

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James Martin II

James Martin II

James has been working as analyst and online development manager for Solar Choice since 2011. He holds a master's degree in Environmental Management from UNSW, and a bachelor's degree in Philosophy from Bridgewater State University in his native Massachusetts.
James Martin II

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