Solar Choice brokers 1.2MW of Solar for Doug Hall Poultry Farm

Solar Choice Commercial has brokered a total of 1.2MW of solar for Doug Hall Poultry across multiple sites including a large-scale ground mounted system. The company also has two 100kW solar PV systems at the company’s Ellerslie location, and the first 100kW system for their Millmerran location which was installed in 2015.

With multiple locations along Queensland’s regional Ergon network, electricity bills are a substantial part of Doug Hall’s operating costs. As such, the company has longer-term plans to move away from grid electricity and towards greater energy independence, with solar PV being the most affordable and appealing alternatives.

Solar Choice played a key role in independently advising the management team at Doug Hall on the keys decisions surrounding a solar investment. As an independent expert in commercial solar projects, Solar Choice’s advice enables poultry farmers to focus on their core business while ensuring they achieve a high quality solution, installing at industry standards and at competitive terms that meet the needs of the business.

More of the Doug Hall’s sites are likely to follow suit through Solar Choice in the future; some of them may potentially include battery storage options. The ground-mounted system at the Ellerslie location uses Renesola solar panels and ABB inverters.

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Jeff Sykes