Alchemy Charge SmartPoint: An Independent Review by Solar Choice


Note: Solar Choice is independent from Alchemy Charge and is not affiliated with any EV charger manufacturer and has no incentive to promote any product over another.

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Company Overview

Alchemy Charge is an Australian company based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. In 2024 they released two models of their SmartPoint Level 1 charging devices to fill a hole they saw in the EVSE market, bringing a chargeback mechanism to standard power points aimed at Strata and Commercial applications. 

While Alchemy Charge is a new company and product, its developers have been involved in the construction industry in Sydney since 2011 with businesses focused on remedial building works. They are widely known in the strata property sector, which likely led them to developing the SmartPoint charger which is an effective solution for strata building applications.

Alchemy Charge customers can expect support from an established business with its head office and factory in Sydney. 

What We Like About the Alchemy Charge SmartPoint

The Alchemy Charge SmartPoint has been designed to fill a very specific hole in the EV charging hardware market. By marrying a chargeback mechanism with a standard outdoor 10amp powerpoint, the SmartPoint solves the problem of recouping electricity costs in situations where multiple vehicles will be charging from a common power source such as an apartment building carpark, public parking lot, or short term accommodation. 

It’s simple, cheap, and easy to install, and is far below the cost of a level 2 charger with a chargeback mechanism which should appeal to Alchemy Charge’s target market. 

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Key Features

Ease of Use

The SmartPoint QR code makes starting and ending charging sessions as simple as signing in to a restaurant during COVID. The app makes for a seamless user experience but users don’t need the app to use the charger as the QR code will do the trick. 

Managed Queuing for Multiple-device Networks

In buildings with multiple SmartPoints such as Strata complexes or car parks, SmartPoint ensures the electrical system is not overloaded by prioritising charging based on demand and availability. For instance, if a complex can support charging 10 vehicles simultaneously without exceeding its power capacity but there are 15 vehicles needing a charge, SmartPoint will manage the queue, ensuring the first 10 are charged efficiently and then automatically switch to the remaining 5, maintaining system integrity and fairness.

Simple to Install

Installing a Smartpoint is as simple as installing a standard powerpoint. Any electrician can do it and it can even replace an existing powerpoint.

How Much Does the Alchemy Charge SmartPoint Cost?

The Alchemy Charge SmartPoint costs $299.

Pros and Cons


  • Cheap – it’s the cheapest charger which allows a host to recoup electricity costs
  • Easy for an electrician to install
  • Great warranty
  • Simple and easy to use for hosts and users
  • Designed and assembled in Australia


  • Slow charging speed – around 10-15km range per hour
  • No dynamic load management functionality
  • 10c/kWh commission means it’s best suited to commercial uses

SmartPoint App

The Alchemy Charge app is simple and efficient, providing a map of publicly available SmartPoint chargers and allowing users to start and stop their charging sessions with ease. 

While the app does the job well, users can simply use the QR code next to a SmartPoint chargers to control their charging session without needing to download the app, which will be music to the ears of EV drivers who already have a handful of different fast charging apps on their phones. 


Installation of the Alchemy Charge SmartPoint is quick and simple. The device can be installed by any electrician in the same way they would install a standard powerpoint, and it can even replace an existing powerpoint. The cost of the installation is determined by the complexity of the installation location and the hourly rates of your electrician, and will likely be cheaper than any level 2 charger installation. 

Warranty and Service

The Alchemy Charge Smartpoint stands out among other faster chargers on the market for its generous warranty. The SmartPoint warranty covers the entire period that each device stays on their network – that is the lifetime of the device if you remain a SmartPoint customer. The company claims their product is maintenance-free, and given the device is built on the trusty Shneider Electric Industrial 10amp switched socket, we are inclined to believe them. 

Should I Buy an Alchemy Charge SmartPoint?

The SmartPoint is designed for strata buildings, commercial sites, and short term accommodation such as Airbnb’s. It’s a great solution for those applications with it’s simple platform for charging users and reimbursing host. It is particularly useful if there is a limited electrical supply to the site, and if the EV owners will be spending a long time in one place such as overnight accommodation or a full work day. 

You should not buy the SmartPoint for your own home if you are the only person who will be charging an EV there, and it’s not suitable for those who need higher charging speeds.

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