Reclaim Energy Heat Pump: Independent Review by Solar Choice

Reclaim Energy Heat Pump REHP-CO2-315GL-V2

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At a Glance: Reclaim Energy Solar Choice Heat Pumps Score Card

$$$$$ Price: Positioned as a premium product, Reclaim Energy’s heat pumps come with a higher price tag, retailing above $5,000. While this places them in the highest cost bracket, the pricing reflects the advanced technology and high end components used in their manufacture.

  • Efficiency: Reclaim Energy boasts a high Coefficient of Performance (COP)of 6.2 at 32°C, indicating superior efficiency in converting electrical energy to heat. This performance places it well above many competitors, particularly impressive at a more standard temperature condition (20°C ambient) where the COP still exceeds 5. For comparison purposes solar choice estimates COP ranges with a 20°C ambient water temp (which is where most consumers set their tank temperature), inlet water at 15°C and target temperature output of 60°C. This level of efficiency is essential for those looking to reduce energy costs while maintaining high environmental standards.
  • Warranty Offer: The warranty terms provided by Reclaim Energy are among the best in the market, reflecting confidence in the longevity and reliability of their products. With comprehensive parts and labour coverage, these warranties support the product’s premium positioning and promise significant peace of mind to consumers.
  • Customer Reviews: With an average rating of 4.8 from 80 reviews, customer feedback is overwhelmingly positive, highlighting satisfaction with both product performance and customer service. This strong customer approval is indicative of the product’s reliability and the company’s responsive support network.
  • Functionality: Reclaim Energy’s heat pumps come equipped with all critical functionalities expected in high-end models, including smart control capabilities which can be integrated with other home automation systems. This functionality enhances user convenience and operational efficiency.

Uncover essential details in the comprehensive guide below and find out what you need to know before you buy.

Reclaim Energy – Company Background

Reclaim Energy (ABN: 90 619 559 536) has been trading since 2017 and is an Australian-owned private company. The company was borne from Apricus Australia who have a well-known reputation in solar evacuated tube hot water systems. Reclaim Energy is well-known for designing top quality hot water systems for Australian conditions.

Reclaim Energy’s heat pumps are manufactured in Japan by Panasonic and Chofu. The tanks themselves are manufactured locally in Australia.

The company’s headquarters are located in Byron Bay and they have developed a dealer network covering all of Australia.

Reclaim Energy’s Model Range in Australia

Reclaim Energy Heat Pump REHP-CO2-315GL

Reclaims product range combines the heat pump with a controller and a separate tank in what’s referred to as a split system. See image to the left.

The heat pump units which perform the heating of water can be paired with either a stainless steel or a glass lined enamel tank. The stainless steel tank is more durable but is not suited to high mineral or bore water applications and comes at a higher cost. Both versions of the hot water tank come in sizes ranges from 160 litres to 400 litres to match the requirements of the household.


Reclaim Energy GE-UM60AR heat pump manufactured by Panasonic

This model is manufactured by Panasonic and can be connected to Reclaim Energy smart controller v1.1.

The compressor is roughly 67cm by 80cm and requires a standard single phase 240V power supply. This is typically connected directly from the switchboard via on a dedicated circuit with a safety switch.

The compressor has a rated noise level of 37DB which is the lowest rating achieved by any heat pump offered in Australia.

The co-efficient of performance (COP) rating is 6.02 at 32.6°C which compares favourably to most other brands. This rating effectively tells the consumer how efficient the heat pump is at heating water.

The accompanying smart controller would usually be wall mounted near the heat pump and can be used to control the system. The controller has 6 different modes which enable the user to set the time of operation to line up with solar panel production or off-peak energy rates.

MODEL EHPE-4550P-A Heat Pump

Reclaim Energy EHPE-4550P-A heat pump manufactured by Chofu

The model EHPE-4550P-A heat pump is manufactured by leading Japanese company Chofu Seisakusho and feature some impressive performance characteristics. The heat pumps have a coefficient of performance of 6.02 which means the heat output is over 600% of the electricity input. This matches the other heat pump model offered by Reclaim Energy and is unmatched in the market.

One benefit of this heat pump model is that it can be matched with the wifi-enable smart controller v2.0. This means you can monitor and control your heat pump via an accompanying app.

This heat pump is slightly larger and heavier than the Panasonic model HE-UM60AR measuring 68cm by 83cm and weighing 48kg.

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How much do Reclaim Energy Hot Water Heat Pumps Cost?

Reclaim Energy’s heat pumps are amongst the most expensive options as they’ve put together a top end solution using premium components from top to bottom.

The Reclaim Energy REHP-CO2-400GL which uses their latest Chofu Heat Pump, wifi-enabled controller and a 400L stainless steel tank will set you back around $6,300 to $6,500 excluding freight, installation and any rebates which might apply.

Solar Choice’s heat pump buyers guide will give you an idea of how much you can save on your electricity bills by upgrading to a heat pump.

Installed Reclaim Energy Heat Pump REHP-CO2-315GL-V2

Reclaim Energy’s Warranty Offer

Like most heat pump seller’s in the industry, Reclaim Energy offer a varying warranty period depending on the component.

ComponentDescriptionWarranty for parts onlyWarranty  including labour
TankGlass-Lined Tank10 years2 years
Stainless Steel Tank15 years pro rata2 years
Heat PumpPCB (main)Non Wi-Fi – 7 years
Wi-Fi – 8 years
Non Wi-Fi – 7 years
Wi-Fi – 8 years
PCB display
All 6 Sensors
Expansion valve coil
Water pump
Refrigeration components
ControllerController and sensor leadNon Wi-Fi – 7 years
Wi-Fi – 8 years
Non Wi-Fi – 7 years
Wi-Fi – 8 years
Valves850 kPA PTRV1 Year1 Year

When compared against the warranty offers on the market the Reclaim Energy outperforms on most aspects which is a good testament to the quality of the system and its expected lifetime.

For the stainless steel tank the 15 years pro-rata means than there is only a full replacement warranty for the firs 6 years. For each year that passes thereafter the customer will have to chip in 10% of the replacement costs.

Reclaim Energy’s headquarters are in Byron Bay and they can be contacted on 1300 383 815.

Read Reclaim Energy’s full warranty conditions here.

Pros and Cons of Reclaim Energy Heat Pump Hot Water Systems


  • Top quality products outperforming most competitors across all technical specifications
  • Australian company headquartered in Byron Bay, NSW
  • One of the few options on the market with an App to control their system


  • One of the most expensive heat pumps available

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