ChargeMate EV Charger: An Independent Review

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Jet Charge ChargeMate EV Charger Review

Image: JET Charge
Note: Solar Choice has no affiliation with JET Charge ChargeMate or any EV Charging company and is here to offer an honest review for anyone looking to buy an EV Charger in Australia.

JET Charge Company Overview

JET Charge was founded in 2013 by Tim Washington who is still the current CEO of the company. Their head office is based in Port Melbourne and they have a local team to support sales and service for Australian customers.

JET Charge began by installing public Tesla chargers in Victoria, Australia and have since expanded their services significantly. They now cover a broad range of EV charging solutions for homes and businesses.

This includes sales of EV charging cables and accessories, charger installations, and consulting for varied infrastructures like apartments and shopping centres. JET Charge have recently launched their house brand EV Charger called the ChargeMate which is the focus of this independent review.

Key Features of JET Charge ChargeMate

Homegrown Development & Manufacturing

ChargeMate is developed and manufactured here in Australia. This includes everything from software coding to case moulding.

Adjustable Charging Rates

ChargeMate offers variable charging rates. Users can tailor the charging speed to their specific needs, whether it’s a slow charge to conserve energy or a rapid boost when time is limited. 

  • Manual Mode: Adjust the charge rate in 1Amp increments for tailored charging.
  • Fast Mode: Rapid charging up to 32 Amps for quick power-ups.
  • Pause Mode: Temporarily halt charging as needed.

Often EV Chargers can only be adjusted in big increments around 6Amps so this is a key advantage of the ChargeMate.

Enhanced Security with RFID Access

The ChargeMate has an RFID (13.56MHz) access control system. It ensures secure operation by restricting unauthorised use. This provides a layer of security that is suitable for public or shared charging stations.

Diverse Connectivity Features

ChargeMate has many connectivity interfaces. These include Ethernet, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, and Modbus-RTU. You can also get an optional 4G Modem. For customers looking to install their EV charger in a garage or driveway without strong WIFI connectivity, this gives installers some good options to ensure the charger always remains in communication.


The device is easy to use. If you like more control over your charging you can operate the ChargeMate via a dedicated Phone App. Alternatively, simply enable the Plug-n-Charge option which requires no activation. It offers convenience for various user preferences.

LCD Screen

Not all EV Chargers have an LCD screen which means you can only interface with them via an app. The ChargeMate LCD screen provides real time status information. This allows users to monitor their charging process easily without the need for an app.

How Much Does The ChargeMate Cost?

The ChargeMate price starts at around $2,125 (excluding installation). This can vary based on the model and installation specifics.

The installation cost would vary depending on the site and location of the charger and the individual’s needs. You can see more on EV Charger pricing here

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Review of the JET Charge Connect App

The JET Charge Connect App offers a user-friendly experience. It has easy navigation and real-time charging updates. Users should note that there is an initial learning curve with the app’s many features.

Warranty & Service

The product comes with a 3-year warranty. The terms include the common exclusions for things like improper use and installation.

Installation Process

We recommend professional installation for the ChargeMate. This is due to factors like electrical needs, mounting options, and location.

ChargeMate Pros and Cons

Of course, with any product, there’s the good and the bad. We’ve summarised the key points below for you:

Developed & Manufactured in AustraliaSolar connectivity requires purchase of additional hardware
Adjustable Charging Rates in 1A incrementsBuilt for warmer environment Operation: 0 – 50°C
Enhanced Security with RFID AccessLimited colour choice (only black)
User-Friendly Control Mechanisms
LCD Screen

You can see more on the ChargeMate User Manual

What We Like About ChargeMate

The JET Charge ChargeMate has homegrown development and manufacturing here in Australia. For customers this offers a reassuring level of customer support, tuned to local needs and standards. For those who appreciate Australian-owned products, this aspect of the ChargeMate is particularly appealing.

It features adjustable charging rates, allowing users to effectively manage their power use, especially useful during times of peak electricity costs or for making the most of solar energy. Security is a key consideration with this charger; the RFID access helps to prevent unauthorised use, which is especially important for chargers in public or accessible areas.

Additionally, its user-friendly controls make it accessible to most all users, regardless of technical background. The inclusion of an LCD screen for real-time updates on power usage and charging progress enhances the user experience, providing a good alternative to those who may not want external apps or devices.

In essence, the ChargeMate combines homegrown support, security, and user-friendliness. Still, it’s important to weigh these features against your own needs and preferences when choosing an EV charger.

See more on how the ChargeMate compares by using our EV Charger Guide: Home Electric Vehicle Charger Comparison & Costs

Should I Buy a ChargeMate?

Thinking about buying a ChargeMate EV charger? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Made in Australia: Great if you prefer local products.
  • Flexible Charging: Adjust the charge rate to suit your needs, whether you want a slow or fast charge.
  • Security: Comes with RFID for safe use, especially good for public places.
  • Easy to Use: You can control it with an app or just plug in and charge. Plus, it has a helpful LCD screen.

But, consider these points too:

  • Price: Starts at about $2,125, not including installation.
  • Extra for Solar: If you want to connect to solar power, you’ll need more hardware.
  • Color & Climate: Only available in black and best for warmer areas (0 – 50°C).

So, should you buy it? If the features match what you’re looking for and it’s within your budget, it could be a great choice for you. Just make sure it fits your specific needs.

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Technical Specifications Table for JET Charge ChargeMate

Specification CategoryDetailsSimple Explanation
Rated Supply VoltageCompatible with both 240V AC and 415 V AC 50/60 HzWorks with home and industrial power supplies.
Mounting ModeOptions include wall-mounted and pedestal-mountedCan be installed on walls or stands.
Access Control SystemRFID (13.56MHz) for secure access controlUses secure access to prevent unauthorised use.
Socket TypeType 2 IEC-62169 socket for broad EV compatibilityFits many types of electric vehicles.
MeteringIntegrated 1-phase ~ 3-phase; NMI Pattern Approved EditionAccurately measures power use for all power systems.
Communications InterfacesEthernet, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Modbus-RTU, optional 4G ModemConnects to networks via cable, Wi-Fi or mobile data.
Control TypeOperable via Phone App or Plug-n-ChargeCan be controlled with a smartphone app or by plugging in.
Local SignallingLCD screen for status updatesShows charging status on a screen.
Server Communications ProtocolOCPP 1.6JUses a common network protocol for charging stations.
Operating ModeNetworked and standalone modesCan work connected to a network or by itself.
SmartCharging for Load Mgmt.Efficient energy management; solar-compatibleManages power smartly and works with solar power.
IP and IK Degree Of ProtectionIP54 (weather resistance) and IK08 (impact resistance)Protected against weather and physical damage.
Ambient Air TemperatureOperation: 0 – 50°C; Storage: -20 – 85°CWorks in a wide range of temperatures.
Relative Humidity5 – 95%Functions in various humidity levels.
Physical Dimensions and Weight380 mm x 180 mm x 130 mm; 3.0 kgSmall, light, and easy to fit in different places.
ColourBlackStylish black design.
Environmental and Product CertificationsAS/NZS 4268:2017, AS/NZS 3820, AS/NZS CISPR 32:2015, etc.Meets many Australian and international safety standards.

You can read more using the companies data sheet

Frequently Asked Questions on the ChargeMate

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