Sanden Eco Plus Heat Pumps: Independent Review

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At a Glance: Insights from Our Solar Choice Heat Pump Score Card

$$$$ Price: With a retail price above $5,400 the Sanden GAUS-315FQS heat pump is in the highest cost category reflecting their premium positioning in the market.

  • Coefficient of Performance (COP): Sanden’s datasheet states a COP of 5.96 for this heat pump with an air temperature of 32°C. After reviewing the data sheets, we’ve estimated their COP assuming our comparison conditions with an ambient temperature of 20°C and a water inlet temp of 15°C & output temp of 60°, to still be above 5 earning 5 points.
  • Warranty Offer: Sanden have a comprehensive parts and labour warranty of 6 years, which extends further on a pro-rata basis for their stainless steel tank. This is one of the best in the market and scores 5 points.
  • Customer Reviews: Across all of their heat pumps, Sanden have 121 reviews on third party sites with an average score of 3.8. This scores them 3 points in this category.
  • Functionality: The Sanden GAUS-315FQS heat pump has all the important functionality we are looking for plus some very impressive features (see below), scoring the maximum of 5 points in this category.

Sanden Company Background

The Sanden company is headquartered in Japan and has established itself in the Australian market over the past 45 years. The company was founded in the automobile air conditioning industry and specialised in heating and cooling technology.

In Australia, Sanden has focused on offering a range of heat pump hot water systems under the Eco Plus brand. Sanden has a product array that includes Eco Plus Hot Water Heat Pump systems with varying tank capacities to suit a variety of home sizes.

The company operates from a warehouse in Condell Park in Sydney and have local staff to help with sales, technical information and warranty support. 

Sanden Heat Pump Models Available in Australia

The Eco Plus Hot Water Heat Pump system models from Sanden include variants with tank capacities ranging from 315 to 160 litres.

Sanden Heat Pump Models Available in Australia
  • GAUS-315FQS: With a 315L tank, this model is ideal for larger homes and provides a sufficient supply of hot water.
  • GAUS-300FQS: It balances capacity and efficiency to serve medium-sized to big families with a 300L tank.
  • GAUS-250FQS: Providing a dependable hot water solution, this 250L tank model is intended for average-sized households.
  • GAUS-160FQS: This model is designed for smaller households or those with reduced hot water demands; it has a 160L tank.

The primary distinction between these variants is the size of the tanks, which are designed to meet the varying hot water and space requirements of Australian homes. As a general guide, an average person uses around 50L of hot water per day and it is normal to size a hot water tank to cover 1.5 days worth of hot water.

Sanden Heat Pump Key Features

The Eco Plus Hot Water Heat Pump system GAUS-315FQS
  • High Efficiency: With a coefficient of performance (COP) of 6, the Eco Plus system is hailed as one of Australia’s most efficient heat pumps. Most heat pumps on the market that disclose their COP have a rating between 3 to 5.
  • Quite Operation: Sanden’s system is also one of Australia’s quietest hot water heat pumps, with a minimal noise level of 37 dB. This makes it a good choice if the heat pump will be located near or in an regularly used area of the house.
  • Durability and Warranty: Sanden is confident in the longevity of the system and gives a pro-rata 15-year warranty on the stainless steel water tank and a 6-year warranty on the heat pump components. 
  • Environmental Impact: The Eco Plus system reduces its environmental impact by using R744 (CO2) refrigerant which is considered “ozone friendly.”.

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Sanden Hot Water Heat Pump Wi-Fi Controller

Sanden Hot Water Heat Pump Wi-Fi Controller

With the release of their wifi controller, Sanden have one of the few heat pump solutions where users can remotely control the GAU-A45HPD Heat Pump unit using a tablet or smartphone. With features like One Touch Boost for instant hot water, Multiple Timer Programming for peak time scheduling, and an Energy Saver Mode to reduce energy use, this tool improves control over your hot water system.

By integrating with the Sanden Eco Plus app, this gadget offers an easy-to-use interface for changing settings and keeping an eye on the health of your system, including getting alerts when maintenance is required. It’s intended to maximise energy utilisation, which could result in lower energy costs and support a more environmentally friendly way of living.

How much do Sanden Hot Water Heat Pumps Cost?

The Eco Plus hot water heat pump tends to be priced higher than many of its competitors, reflecting its premium positioning in the market.

The below cost estimates exclude installation, freight and any rebates that may be applicable in your instance.

ModelIndicative cost
Sanden GAUS-315FQS (315 Litre)$5,700
Sanden GAUS-250FQS (250 Litre)$5,200

Sanden also have a 300L and a 160L option with pricing moving in line with the capacity of the hot water tank.

Don’t forget to check out government rebates and incentives for energy-efficient systems like these. They can really help lower the upfront cost. Plus, some installers might offer you a better deal, especially if they’re putting in orders in bulk. 

Warranty and Support

Sanden’s heat pumps come with one of the best warranty offers available in Australia as you would expect from a premium product. 

Notably their warranty is broken down into 3 parts of their solution

Heat Pump 6 years for parts and labour
Water Tank15 Years (5 years pro-rata scaled) for stainless steel tanks10 Years (5 years pro-rata scaled) for vitreous enamel tanks
Wifi Controller1 year (excludes connections issues and app functionality)

What is the pro-rata scaled warranty for the Sanden stainless steel tank?

The Sanden warranty provides a full 10 year replacement for stainless steel tanks excluding labour costs. After that the the warranty drops off in a scale to 0 at the end of 15 years. Sanden’s warranty policy doesn’t disclose the scale on their website so it is unclear what warranty recourse will be available to customers in years 10 to 15. 

Sanden do have a local support office in Australia in Condell Park who you can support to process warranty claims. You can contact them on (02) 9791 0999 or 1800 146 123 and see their website for full warranty details. 

Sanden Eco Plus Hot Water Heat Pump – Pros & Cons

Advantages: Significant energy savings, quietest operation in its category, strong warranty support, and eco-friendly technology. Disadvantages: Higher initial costs compared to traditional systems and the need for space for outdoor installation due to the split system design. 

High Efficiency: With a coefficient of performance (COP) of 6, or 600% efficient, this heat pump is acknowledged as the most efficient in Australia and offers notable energy savings.High Upfront Cost: The Sanden Eco Plus system requires a larger upfront investment than traditional hot water systems, which could be a deterrent for certain households.
Quiet Operation: Operating at just 37 decibels, this hot water heat pump system is renowned for being the quietest in Australia.Space Requirements for Outdoor Installation: Due to its split system design, it requires additional room for external installation; therefore, it might not be appropriate for all property layouts or for those with a little amount of outdoor area.
Long Warranty: The system’s durability is reflected in Sandens guarantee, which provides 10 years full replacement warranty for the stainless steel water tank and 6 years for the heat pump component. This is one of the best warranties available on the market for any hot water heat pump systems.
Environmental Benefits: Supports the switch to renewable energy sources by using CO2 as a refrigerant, which has a lower global warming potential than other refrigerants.

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What is a good coefficient of performance (COP) for heat pumps?

A heat pump should have a minimum COP of 3.0 to 5.0 and a SCOP of at least 3.5, meaning that it should be able to offer comfortable, year-round heating and cooling.

The Coefficient of Performance is a key measure of a heat pump’s efficiency, indicating how effectively it converts electricity into heat.

Sanden Eco Plus models stand out with a COP of 6, meaning they’re very efficient, turning each unit of electricity into 6 units of heat. This makes them great for saving on energy bills and is better for the environment because they use less electricity and have an eco-friendly refrigerant. In simple terms, they’re a top choice for efficiency and eco-friendliness.

Are Sanden Eco Plus Hot Water Heat Pump Systems Worth it?

The Sanden Eco Plus Hot Water Heat Pump system represents a good investment for customers looking for a premium heat pump solution that has a top tier COP and one that will last for a long time.

It comes with key advantages over typical heat pumps on market like the ability to control system through an app, its high energy efficiency rating and quieter operation at 37 dB. It also utilises eco-friendly refrigerant, aligning with environmental sustainability efforts. 

The system is also backed by some of the most robust warranty terms we’ve seen, reflecting confidence in its durability. However, the premium cost and the need for a slightly larger outdoor installation space are considerations for potential buyers.

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