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iStore heat pump review

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At a Glance: iStore Solar Choice Heat Pumps Score Card

$$ Price: The iStore comes with a budget friendly price under $3,000. One of the higher performing, low cost hot water heat pumps on the market.

  • Efficiency: The iStore datasheet discloses a cofficient of performance (COP) of 4.61 at 20°C however with a low outlet temperature of 45°C. For comparison purposes solar choice estimates COP ranges with a 20°C ambient water temp (which is where most consumers set their tank temperature), inlet water at 15°C and target temperature output of 60°C. Thus, we estimate iStore’s COP to be 3.5 to 4 scoring 2 points.
  • Warranty: iStore excel with their comprehensive 5 year warranty for parts and labour on the tank, refrigeration and controller. Although some parts are excluded with a 1-year warranty we still score this with 4 points.
  • Customer Reviews: iStore have excellent customer reviews with 112 reviews on third party sites with an average score of 4.9. We apply 5 points in this category.
  • Functionality: The iStore heat pumps have a back up heating element and an anode to improve tank longevity earning 2 points in the functionality category.

Uncover essential details in the comprehensive guide below and find out what you need to know before you buy.

Ultimate Guide to iStore Heat Pumps | Independent Review by Solar Choice

iStore – Company Background

iStore is an Australian owned business who have been developing and wholesaling heat pump hot water systems. The company is an owned subsidiary of Solargain who are a national solar and hot water installation company.

The company has been designing and importing heat pump hot water systems to Australia under a third party manufacturing agreement for around 10 years, but iStore Heat Pump was officially registered as a business name of Solargain Pty Ltd in 2019.

The company has recently expanded into solar inverters and solar battery solutions, which will be manufactured by Huawei. They are also expected to add EV Chargers to their range later this year.

iStore’s headquarters are listed on google as 242 Beringarra Ave, Malaga WA 6090 although they operate nationally with roaming sales reps in each state.

iStore Model Range in Australia

There are 2 heat pump hot water systems offered by iStore in Australia. The main difference between the two is the capacity of the hot water tank.

iStore 180L

iStore 180L heat pump hot water system

The 180 litre option is typically suitable 2-3 person households, based on an assumed usage of around 50 litres of hot water per person per day.

The product is an ‘all-in-one’ system meaning that the compressor sits above the hot water tank in a tall cylindrical design. The iStore 180L is 1955mm tall and has a diameter of 540mm.

The product datasheet suggests that the compressor will use 0.5kW when active and that a typical cycle requires 3-4 hours. This means the overall energy usage per day is expected to be around 1.5kWh to 2kWh.

The overall product weighs 93kg and is recommended to be installed on a concrete slab. Given the size and weight, consideration should be given to how the product will be transported to the install location.

iStore 270L

The larger 270 litre option is best suited to 3-6 person households under an assumption of approximately 50 litres of hot water usage per person per day. Very large households, or multi dwelling properties servicing from a single tank, may need to consider a commercial hot water heat pump system.

This solution has the same height of 1955mm as the 180L unit, however has a slightly larger diameter of 640mm.

With the larger tank, iStore advise that the compressor will use twice as much energy (1kW) when in use. With the same cycle time this means the expected energy usage may be 3kWh to 4kWh with this unit. Along with the higher running costs, the upfront cost of the 270L model is around $300 more than the 180L model.

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iStore Heat Pumps – Key Features

The are some key features of iStores heat pump hot water products that can be advantageous to homeowners.

Traditional hot water heating element

Back Up Heating Element

Along with the air to heat compressor technology, the iStore heat pumps also come with a traditional heating element. In the various operating modes available with the iStore solution the element can be used to accelerate the water heating process.

LCD Touch Screen

iStore LCD display screen for heat pump hot water system

The iStore can be configured through a LCD touch screen on the system. This can be used to set timers and alternate through the various operation modes to ensure you minimising the energy costs and optimising the use of the product. We recommend you hang on to the user manual and your installers phone number as altering the settings can be a bit tricky.

How much do iStore Hot Water Heat Pumps Cost?

The below table outlines the approximate retail cost of the iStore hot water heat pump solutions excluding shipping, installation and any rebates that might be available. Note that your installer may be able to access better pricing, particularly if they are installing at higher volumes.

ProductApproximate Retail Price
iStore 180L$2,400
iStore 270L$2,700

Read about what rebates are available in your state in our Heat Pump Buyers Guide.

iStore Warranty for Australian Customers

The warranty offer is one area where iStore have attempted to provide a point of difference against alternative models. iStore offer a ‘5-year comprehensive warranty’ on their products.

This includes a 5 year parts and labour warranty on:

  • The water tank
  • Refrigeration via the compressor technology
  • Electrical controller and sensor leads

However, the warranty documents stipulates that there is only a 1-year parts and labour warranty on

  • Sacrificial anode
  • PTR valve
  • Air filters
  • Other consumable items including thermostat and heating element

The items that miss out on the 5-year warranty are typically lower value and normally excluded from the longer warranty periods with other hot water systems.

The labour is only included in the warranty if you are within 30km of the closest iStore branch or Authorised Distributor, otherwise you will need to pay additional freight and travel costs.

The iStore warranty document does not mention the entity that provides it, so we assume that the warranty provider is Solargain PV Pty Ltd and not the original manufacturer of the products.

They do have a help line customers can call on 1300 515 640

The full terms and conditions of the warranty are located in the iStore User Manual.

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Pros and Cons of iStore Heat Pump Hot Water Systems


  • Comprehensive warranty supported by local Australian staff
  • Built in LCD screen to conveniently configure settings
  • Back up traditional heating element


  • Units rated towards the noisier end of the spectrum with 270L rated at 48mdbA
  • Largest option is 270 litres which is not suitable for large domestic use-cases with more than 6 people

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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