Solar Choice Calculator Library

Over the years, Solar Choice has developed a range of interactive solar and battery storage-related calculator tools. We have published this for our customers to use for free which fits with our mission of helping Australian households and businesses make a well-informed decision on their solar project. Enjoy!

Please keep in mind that all calculator outputs are indicative only.

Simple Solar Payback Calculator

  • Estimate payback period
  • Simple, easy to use inputs
  • Takes < 5 mins
Simple solar payback period free calculator

Commercial Solar Calculator

  • Inputs for small/large business electricity bills
  • Different electricity load profiles pre-loaded
  • Payback period, IRR, NPV
Solar Choice commercial solar free payback calculator

Solar & Battery Calculator – Advanced Version

  • Inputs for different energy load profiles
  • 10 battery information preloaded
  • Savings broken down across battery, solar and feed in tariff
  • Most in-depth calculator available on the web
Solar and battery online free calculator - advanced version

Simple Home Battery Storage Sizing Estimator

  • Work out what size battery is appropriate for you
  • Get an answer quickly
Simple battery storage sizing estimator - free calculator

Battery Comparison Tool

  • Compare batteries on key features like nominal capacity, warranty period and cycle life
  • Compare up to 5 batteries side-by-side
free Battery comparison tool all features capacity warranty life discharge

Explore your roof’s solar potential

  • Estimate how much Solar you can fit on your roof
  • Find a satellite image of your roof and play around with our tool

Solar-Friendly Electricity Retailer Comparison Tool

  • Compare electricity plans including the feed in tariff
  • Enter your solar system information and get the full picture
  • Compare up to 4 plans side-by-side
Solar friendly electricity plan comparison tool

Solar Battery Sizing Guide

  • Work out the best size solar system for your needs
  • Work out the best battery size for your needs
Battery sizing calculator - solar choice
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