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At a Glance: Hydrotherm Dynamic X8 Solar Choice Heat Pumps Score Card

*Hydrotherm has ceased production of the Dynamic X8 in preparation for their new Hydrotherm branded flag ship heat pump set to release at the end of 2024. However you can still find the product sold by large distributors across Australia

$$ Price: The Hyrdotherm Dynamic X8 heat pump ranges from $2,900 to $3,200, placing it in the Lower-cost category in terms of cost.

  • Efficiency: The Coefficient of Performance (COP) of 5.43 at 20°C ambient temp with 15°C inlet water temp and target temp of 55°C. For comparison purposes solar choice estimates COP ranges at 20°C ambient water temp, inlet water at 15°C and target temperature output of 60°C. Thus, we estimate their COP to be 4.5 to 5 in these conditions. We give Hydrotherm a good score of 4 points on efficiency.
  • Warranty Offer: Hydrotherm  provides a robust 6-year parts and labour warranty that is only beaten by the top models on the market that come a significantly higher price. We score this 4 out of 5 points. 
  • Customer Reviews: With an average customer review score of 4.7, the Hydrotherm  heat pumps show strong customer satisfaction. This indicates that most customers are pleased with the performance, reliability, and service of these heat pumps and so we score them with 5.
  • Functionality: The Dynamic X8 comes with features like built-in timers, LED/LCD status indicators, Wi-Fi controllers and maintenance anode. However, the tank is not stainless steel and is on the louder side at 49 dB and they lack some of the more advanced technological integrations seen in higher-end models. We give them a score of 3 points for functionality.

Uncover essential details in the comprehensive guide below and find out what you need to know before you buy.

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Hydrotherm Company Background

The Queensland, Australia-based company Aquatech Solar Technologies Pty Ltd offers a line of heat pump hot water systems known as Hydrotherm. Aquatech was founded in 2009 and is focused on energy efficiency solutions compatible with Australian condition.

Hydrotherm is effectively a brand name offered by Aquatech . The Aquatech and Hydrotherm heat pump hot water systems in the Australian market are very similar in terms of their features and performance characteristics. Aquatech are planning on releasing a new Hydrotherm-branded solution with a larger water tank than current models later this year.

Hydrotherm have an office based in Burleigh on the Gold Coast of Australia.

Hydrotherm Heat Pump Models

The main Hydrotherm branded heat pump solution on the market currently is the Dynamic X8 model. The company has stopped producing this product however in anticipation of launching a new heat pump solution towards the end of the year with a larger water tank.

Hydrotherm Dynamic X8

The Hydrotherm Dynamic X8 is a 260 litre all-in-one heat pump hot water system. This means the heat pump compressor is built on top of the water tank in a tall cylindrical unit.

The 260 litre capacity would suit up to 3 person households assuming each person would use 50 litres of hot water per day and the hot water tank is sized to 1.5x normal daily requirements. For lower users of hot water it may suit more people, however Hydrotherm’s data sheet suggests it can cater up to 6 people which seems ambitious.

The heat pump hot water system comes with a shiny metallic solution. However the tank is made from vitreous enamel, not stainless steel, like some of the premium solutions on the market.

The unit does come with both a wifi controller and a LCD display on the unit giving the user the flexibility to manage the configuration of the system at the unit or remotely via the app.

The unit is rated on the slightly louder side (49dbA), so we would recommend that it is installed away from entertaining areas or windows that are kept open.

See full specifications list:

SpecificationDynamic X8
Model NumberDYNAMIC – SS/X8/OP
Manufactured InChina
Cylinder/Heat-Exchange Warranty6 Years
Noise Level49 dB(A)
Wifi Controller Built in or CompatibleYes
Built In TimerYes
LED/LCD Status IndicatorYes
Corrosion Protection Anode (non-sacraficial)Yes
Coefficient of Performance (COP)5.43*
*Testing conditions at 20°C ambient temperature with 15°C inlet water temp and target temperature of 55°C

How Much Does an Hydrotherm Heat Pump Cost?

The below price reflects the cost of the heat pump excluding freight, installation, the STC rebate and any state rebates that might apply in your circumstances.

ModelRetail Price Range (AUD)
Dynamic X8 (260L)$2,900 – $3,200

Installation charges can vary significantly based on local labour rates and the complexity of the installation.

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Hydrotherm Heat Pump Warranty Terms

Hydrotherm branded heat pumps come with a 6 year comprehensive warranty covering parts and labour on the majority of the system. This is one of the better warranty offers available on the market. Note that the equivalent Aquatech-branded Dynamic X8 heat pump comes with a worse warranty offer.

The 6-year warranty only excludes the third party valves which come with the heat pump which are a normal exclusion. It is good to see the 6-year warranty includes the electronic components which are sometimes excluded.

ComponentWarranty Length

Minor Defects vs Major Defects

One notable clause in the warranty policy is that the parts and labour warranty will determine whether the claim relates to a minor or major defect. Effectively if the heat pump is still operational, the minor defect will be resolved by repairing the system (Hydrotherm covering parts and labour costs) and a major defect will entail replacing the system altogether.

Hydrotherm can be contacted at Aquatech’s office in Burleigh, QLD on 1300 769 904.

See Hydrotherm’s full warranty T&Cs at the end of their user manual.

Hydrotherm Heat Pump: Pros and Cons


  1. Efficiency: Hydrotherm  heat pumps have a Coefficient of Performance (COP) of up to 4.68, making them highly efficient compared to many models in the market which typically offer COPs around 3.0 to 4.5.
  2. Warranty: The 6 year parts and labour warranty is only beaten by the premium options on the market from Reclaim Energy and Sanden. For a mid-range priced product, this warranty offer is excellent.
  3. Environmental Impact: Uses R290 refrigerant, which has a significantly lower global warming potential than other refrigerants used in many other heat pumps like the R134A.


  1. Noise Level: With a noise level of 49 dB(A) it is among the noisier side for heat pump solutions
  2. Product Size Options: The Hydrotherm heat pump solution at present is a one-size fits all solution at 260L litres. This will really only suit smaller households with 3 persons. 

Verdict: Are Hydrotherm Heat Pumps Worth It?

Overall the Hydrotherm scores highly on our scorecard meaning the heat pump ranks well against most of their competitors. The Hydrotherm offers above average warranty terms, energy efficiency and features while still coming in at a mid-range price. It is more expensive than the low-cost models, but in our opinion worth investing the extra money to get a reliable product with good performance.

The downside of the Hydrotherm heat pump is that it only comes in the 260 litre option. If you have 4 or more persons or have large hot water requirements, then you may be better off looking for a different solution with a larger water tank.

The Hydrotherm-branded Dynamic X8 model offers some advantages in terms of the warranty terms than the same model branded Aquatech. This is only available via select plumbers who have signed up with Hydrotherm.

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