Wallbox Pulsar Plus EV Charger – An Independent Review

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Wallbox pulsar charger in a home garage

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Company Overview

Founded in Spain in 2015, Wallbox develops and manufactures EV chargers and energy management solutions. They are listed on the NYSE under the ticker WBX. 

Wallbox entered the Australian market in 2018. Wallbox offers online support for Australian customers but at the time of writing, we were unable to find an Australian-based office. 

Wallbox has a number of different chargers suited to both commercial and residential applications. For the purpose of this review, we will focus on their main residential charger, the Pulsar Wallbox Plus. This charger is available in 22kW three-phase and 7.4kW single-phase configurations with optional solar optimisation and cable length.

Product NamePulsar Plus
Product Image
Price (Approx. AUD price RRP inc. GST)$1,549
Rating7.4 kW (1 Phase) / 22 kW (3 Phase)
Country of manufactureChina/USA
EV compatibilityType 1 and type 2
Enclosure dimensions166x163x82 mm(without cable)
Weight1 kg (without cable)
Operating Temperature-25 °C to 40 °C (50 °C with derating)
Charge cable length5m (7m optional)
Solar self-consumption optimisation?Optional
Internet connection?Yes
App controlYes
Weather resistanceOutdoors
IP ratingIP54
Warranty (years)3 years
DatasheetPulsar Plus Datasheet

What We Like About The Wallbox Pulsar Plus

This charger is one of the best all-around chargers on the market when purchased with the solar optimisation configuration. It’s outdoor weatherproof, easy connectivity with wifi and Bluetooth to their accompanying app. The solution can dynamically optimise your solar system to minimise electricity costs. The sleek design and competitive price point make it a great choice for anyone who has an EV and wants to charge with solar.

The 3-year warranty period also is longer than many options on the market which offer a 1-year or 2-year warranty. 

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Key Features

Compact and Stylish Design

The Pulsar Plus is smaller than most of the other EV chargers on the market it will fit easily onto your wall. We find the design of the product to be quite appealing, although this will depend on your taste.

Two Charging Modes

The Wallbox Pulsar Plus has two charging modes to choose from

  • Full Green Mode – Your car charges solely with renewable energy. Using a connected sensor on your solar and/or battery system,  the charger will optimise the charge rate to match the available renewable energy.
  • Eco Mode – Rather than limiting power usage to green energy only, in Eco Mode the Wallbox will harmoniously draw grid power as well to reach the desired charge rate.


With Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, the Pulsar Plus can be controlled via the Wallbox app. This app enables users to schedule charging, view charging history, and access real-time data.

Optional Solar Compatibility

One of the standout features is its compatibility with solar power systems, allowing for more sustainable and cost-effective charging.

User Experience

The Wallbox Pulsar Plus is highly regarded for its intuitive use. The Wallbox app enhances the overall experience by offering detailed insights and remote control functionalities, making EV charging both simple and efficient.

The Wallbox App

The accompanying Wallbox app allows you to keep track of your charger’s status and manage it remotely from any location. It can be set up to charge your vehicle during times when rates are lower to save on costs. You can also monitor real-time statistics to stay informed about its performance. Additionally, secure your charger by setting controls to prevent unauthorized use.

It has 4.3/5 on the Apple app store for 307 reviews and 3.3/5 on the Google app store for 2.11k reviews

Image credit: Wallbox

Pros and Cons

Great value optionSome customers report issues keeping the cable wrapped nicely
Compatible with solarLED halo ring cant be dimmed or turned off
Small, sleek designOverseas support

How Much Does the Wallbox Pulsar Plus Charger Cost?

The single-phase Wallbox Pulsar Plus costs approximately $1,549 plus installation.


Installation should be performed by a qualified electrician and typically takes a few hours. There can be additional time and costs required if you are looking at a ground-mounting charger, or if there is not an easy cable pathway from your main switchboard.

Need a Wallbox EV charger installation quote?

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Warranty & Service

The Wallbox Pulsar Plus comes with a 3-year warranty out of the box, with options to extend for one or three more years. Customers can access support at https://wallbox.com/en_au/contact-us at the time of writing we could not find an Australian phone number.

Should I Buy a Wallbox Pulsar Plus EV Charger?

The Wallbox Pulsar Plus is one of the best value solar-optimised chargers on the market. Support in Australia seems to be a bit limited so it is recommended to work with an electrician who has had experience installing a number of these chargers.

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