Emerald Energy Heat Pump: Independent Review

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Emerald Energy Heat Pump

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At a Glance: Emerald Energy All-in-One Solar Choice Heat Pumps Score Card

$$ Price

With a seemingly wide array of price points across the market Emerald Energy all in one heat pumps are in the lower cost range, with the 220L model priced between $2,500 – $3,300.


  • Emerald Energy disclosed a coefficient of performance (COP) of 4.6 to 4.9 for their all-in-one heat pumps in standard mode. This is at testing conditions of 20ºC and heating water from 15ºC to 55ºC. We estimate COP ranges based on a 20°C ambient water temperature, an inlet water temp of 15°C and target output temperature of 60°C. Thus this scores 4 out of 5 points for efficiency.

Warranty Offer

  • Emerald Energy’s all-in-one unit offers a warranty of 5 years on tank for parts and 2 years labour. They offer 2 year parts and labour warranty for the heat pump components and electronics. This is notably shorter than many of the heat pump options on the market for labour and for the heat pump components. Score: 2 points.

Customer Reviews

  • The average customer review score for the Emerald Energy all in one heat pumps is 4.7, with the main issue seemingly with the wifi/app setup. Most reviews indicate a high level of customer satisfaction. This scores 5 points based on real user experiences.


  • Emerald Energy heat pumps are equipped with features like Wi-Fi control, optional built-in electric heater,and a low Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerant (R290). There is no LCD, and the heating element is 1.6 kW and not 1.5kW. Additionally, the standard noise level is relatively high at 51 dB. As a result of these features, it scores 3 points for functionality.

Please note that the Solar Choice score card reflects our opinions only. Customers are encouraged to do their own research.

Uncover essential details in the comprehensive guide below and find out what you need to know before you buy.

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Emerald Energy – Company Background

Emerald Energy (ABN: 86 632 172 368) has been operating since 2006. It is an Australian-owned private company. The company states that it has a vision to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through smart technology. Emerald has positioned itself as a heat pump leader in environmental abatement, with a vision to reduce greenhouse emissions through smart technology. The company’s headquarters are located at L 2/12A Rodborough Rd, French’s Forest NSW 2086, and they have developed a dealer network across Australia. 

Emerald Energy Heat Pump Model and Ranges

Emerald Energy offers both all-in-one heat pump systems and split heat pump systems. This difference is whether the heat pump compressor is located above the tank or as part of a separate unit – read more here.

Deciding between these options is partly dependent on the preference of the appearance, and there are some key differences in the performance and capabilities of the units described below.

Emerald Energy Split Systems

The split systems come with a quite small tank option of 200 litres and a quite large tank of 300 litres. The 200L option will typically suit 2-3 person households, while the 300L option could cater to 5-6 persons.

Key Features of Split Systems:

  • Energy-Efficient Design: Microchannel heat exchanger in the tank for improved efficiency.
  • Optional Built-In Electric Heater: Available for faster heating and continuous hot water supply in cold weather.
  • Blue Diamond Enamel Tank: Smooth material surface, reducing dust adhesion.
  • Anti-Legionella Function: Provides automatic or manual disinfection modes.
  • Split System Design: Allows the water tank to be placed close to the usage point, with the outdoor unit positioned away from living areas to minimise noise impact.

Emerald Energy All-In-One Systems

The all-in-one Emerald heat pumps come with a 220 litre or a 270 litre option. The 220 litre unit will typically cover 3-4 people while the larger 270 litre option can typically cater to 4-5 person households.

Emerald Energy All In One Heat Pump Key Features

  • DC Inverter Technology: Inverter technology is more efficient at heating water than the alternative induction approach which is used by many other heat pumps on the market.
  • Wi-Fi Enabled: The heat pump can be controlled and configured via the Emerald app.
  • Eco-Friendly Refrigerant: Uses R290 (Propane) refrigerant with a low Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 3. This is much better than some cheaper models on the market which use R134A refrigerant with a GWP 1,430.
  • Silent Mode: The normal operation of the heat pump is rated at 51DB making it one of the noisiest heat pumps on the market. They do feature a ‘silent model’ where the heat pump will heat water slower to reduce the sound. At a rating of 45DB it will remain far from silent.
  • Modern Design: Compact and stylish design that fits into contemporary home environments.

How much do Emerald Energy Hot Water Heat Pumps Cost?

The retail price for Emerald heat pumps typically ranges between $2,500 – $3,300 depending on the model and capacity. Remember, this excludes shipping and installation costs.  These prices are gathered from various sources and represents the range currently seen in the Australian market at the time of writing. Australian consumers may find that prices can fluctuate due to the brand changing product prices, installation requirements and additional functionality requirements.

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Emerald Energy Heat Pump Warranty Terms

Emerald Energy’s warranty offer is notably shorter for both labour and the heat pump unit components when compared to other brands in the market. This may make the units less attractive for consumers seeking longer-term assurance and reliability. That said, customer reviews don’t show many issues with the warranty terms or maintenance but this should be considered when making your final purchase decision. 

ComponentAll-In-One SystemsSplit Systems
Tank5 years parts only7 years parts only
Heat Pump Unit Components5 years parts only5 years parts only
Labour for Tank2 years labour only2 years labour only
Labour for Heat Pump Components2 years labour only2 years labour only
Warranty Terms Table

All-In-One Systems:

  • Tank Parts: 5 years
  • Other System Parts: 5 years (includes the heat pump unit, compressor, control board/electronics, fan motor, and magnesium anode)

Split Systems:

  • Tank Parts: 7 years
  • Other System Parts: 5 years (includes the heat pump unit, compressor, control board/electronics, fan motor, and magnesium anode)

Labour Warranty:

  • All Models: 2 years of labour warranty for both the tank and other system parts

See more in the Emerald Heat Pump Warranty Details here

Pros and Cons of Emerald Energy Heat Pumps


  • High Efficiency: The heat pumps have a high COP ranging from 4.6 to 4.9 , making them highly efficient in converting electricity into heat.
  • Range of Tank Sizes: With a 220L, 270L and a 320L option the Emerald Energy heat pumps come in sizes to suit all residential applications. Many heat pumps don’t have an option with a 300L+ tank.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Uses R290 refrigerant with a low Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 3.


  • Noise Level: With a normal rating of 51DB and an option to decrease this to 45DB in ‘silent mode’ which heats water at a slower rate, the unit is one of the noisier options on the market. Best to keep this away from entertaining areas and open windows.
  • Shorter Warranty: The warranty is shorter than competitors for the heat pump and electrical components and for labour on the tank.

Are Emerald Energy All In One Heat Pumps Worth It?

Emerald Energy All-in-One Heat Pumps provide a compelling combination of high efficiency, advanced features, and affordability. With a COP of 4.6 – 4.9, these heat pumps are highly efficient in converting electricity into heat, significantly reducing hot water costs. The lower price range of the 220L model, coupled with features like Wi-Fi control and an optional built-in electric heater, makes them a relatively attractive option for many households.

However, potential buyers should be aware of the standard noise level, which is higher than some competitors, and the absence of a stainless steel tank option. Also it’s important to consider the power consumption on the heating element and the shorter warranty period on offer. Despite these drawbacks, the functionality and high customer satisfaction rating suggest that Emerald Energy Heat Pumps are a reliable and cost-effective choice for reducing energy costs and environmental impact. Overall, Emerald Energy Heat Pumps can be a cost-effective choice, but potential buyers should weigh the pro’s and cons carefully against their specific needs.

Emerald Energy All-In One Technical Specifications

Specification220L Model270L Model320L Model
Model CodeEE-HWS-A1-220E / EE-HWS-A1-220EE-HWS-A1-270E / EE-HWS-A1-270EE-HWS-A1-320E / EE-HWS-A1-320
Capacity220 liters270 liters320 liters
Power Supply220V ~ 240V 1Phase220V ~ 240V 1Phase220V ~ 240V 1Phase
Heating Capacity (Standard Mode)2.7 kW2.7 kW2.7 kW
Rated Input Power0.56 kW0.58 kW0.53 kW
COP (Standard Mode)
Sound Level49 dB(A)49 dB(A)49 dB(A)
Heating Capacity (Silent Mode)1.8 kW1.8 kW1.8 kW
Rated Input Power (Silent Mode)0.44 kW0.44 kW0.41 kW
COP (Silent Mode)
Heating Capacity (Booster Mode)5.2 kW5.2 kW5.2 kW
Rated Input Power (Booster Mode)2.4 kW2.4 kW2.4 kW
Emerald Energy All-In One Technical Specifications

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