Ecogenica Heat Pump Hot Water: Independent Review by Solar Choice

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Note: Solar Choice is not associated with Ecogenica or any heat pump brand and has no financial or other incentives to promote any product brand over another.

At a Glance: Ecogenica Solar Choice Heat Pumps Score Card

$ Price: The Ecogenica 215F heat pump can be bought for under $2,000 making them one of the cheapest options on the market.

  • Coefficient of Performance (COP): Ecogenica disclose a COP of ~4.9 at an ambient temperature of 20 °C. However, the inlet water temperature and target temperature are not disclosed. It is very difficult to compare this figure to other providers. Due to the limited information, we have scored this 2 points reflecting a COP of 3.5 to 4.
  • Warranty Offer: Ecogenica have a 7 year warranty for the water tank and a 5 year warranty for their heat pumps. However the Servicing and Parts Only sections of the warranty are poorly defined and it is unclear if any labour and associated costs associated with any product failures would be covered. We score this 1 point.
  • Customer Reviews: Solar Choice was unable to find any public reviews for Ecogenica’s heat pumps. There are a number of reviews for Eco Alliance’s Dynaheat series which were not applicable to Ecogenica’s heat pump. We have based the score on the reviews of parent company Eco Alliance who have an average of 3.86 based on 803 reviews.
  • Functionality: With a built in resistive heating element and an anode for tank longevity the Ecogenica heat pumps score 2 out of 5.

Please note that the Solar Choice score card reflect our opinions only. Customers are encouraged to due their own research.

Ecogenica / Eco Alliance Company Background

Ecogenica is an owned product of Eco Alliance Group. Eco Alliance Group were established in Melbourne in 2018 and are an importer and installer of heat pump hot water systems.

The Ecogenica range of heat pumps was launched by Eco Alliance in 2021 and is one of the cheapest heat pump systems available in Australia. The Ecogenica heat pumps are designed by Eco Alliance and manufactured in China under a third party manufacturing agreement

Eco Alliance have an office and warehouse located in Braeside, Melbourne and a local service team to assist with technical support and warranty claims.

Ecogenica Heat Pump Models

Ecogenica currently have 3 models available in Australia for residential customers. The have split systems with 215 litre or 290 litre tanks or an all in one 260 litre option.

Ecogenica Split Systems (EG-215FR & EG-290FR)

Ecogenica 215L Hot Water Heat Pump unit

Ecogenica’s split system heat pumps have a separate water tank and heat pump unit. Customers can choose between a 215 litre model which is suitable for 1-3 people or a 290 litre option which would suit 3-4 people using our assumption that each person uses 50 litres of hot water per day and tank capacity is sized to 1.5x expected daily usage.

Ecogenica’s specifications sheet suggests their 290 litre option can service 4-6 person households, so we advise some caution around relying on their sizing information.

The Econgenica heat pumps use vitreous enamel storage tanks which are commonly used in hot water systems.

Ecogenica’s website states their heat pumps are rated at 47DB which puts them on the noisier side of options on the market. It would be best to install this system away from entertaining areas or open windows.

The heat pump can be managed through a built-in display on the unit. This includes functionality to configure the temperature and timer settings on the heat pump.

The 215 litre option has a 1.8 metre tall by 51cm wide water tank with a separate heat pump measuring 54cm by 78cm. The 260 litre option adds 4.5cm to the height of the tank and 6cm to the diameter.

Ecogenica All-in-one System (EG-260FR)

Ecogenica All-in-one hot water heat pump (EG-260FR model)

The Ecogenica all-in-one system positions the heat pump above the water tank providing the entire system in one tall cylinder. They only have one size available which is a 260 litre tank capacity. We advise this would comfortably suit up to 3 people assuming each person uses 50 litres of hot water a day and the tank is sized to 1.5x daily requirements. The Ecogenica brochure suggests it can cover 2-4 person households.

The result is the solution is around 30cm taller than the tank on the split system with no requirement for a separate heat pump unit.

Like the current split systems, Ecogenica have upgraded to R290 refrigerant which is less harmful to the planet than the previous models Eco Alliance had on the market.

Many of the performance characteristics between the split system and the all-in-one are similar, so customers are likely to choose based on appearance preference and selecting the optimal tank size for their situation.

How Much Does An Ecogenica Heat Pump Cost?

No information on the cost of the Ecogenica Heat Pumps is disclosed publicly, but these heat pumps are amongst the lowest priced options available on the market.

Solar Choice estimates the underlying cost of the Ecogenica EG-215FR model to be under $2,000 based on offers (including installation and rebates) available in the market.

Read about what rebates are available in your state in our Heat Pump Buyers Guide.

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Ecogenica’s Warranty Offer for Australian Customers

Ecogenica’s warranty offer is located at the end of their owners manual and details the below warranty periods for the various components of their products

Hot water tank7 year warranty
Compressor (heat pump)5 year warranty
Servicing2 year warranty
Parts Only12 months warranty

It is unclear from Ecogenica’s warranty document what parts are included in the ‘Parts Only’ limited warranty and what is covered under ‘Servicing’ as these terms are not defined or described further.

Notably the below statement in their warranty leaves a lot of discretion with Ecogenica to determine whether or not to honour a warranty claim, which poses a risk to customers:

Ecogenica is responsible for reasonable costs associated with legitimate warranty claims, as determined by Ecogenica. To determine whether a warranty claim is legitimate, Ecogenica may send an Ecogenica accredited service agent to inspect the product. Ecogenica is not responsible for:
(a) any costs that are not pre-approved in writing by Ecogenica; and
(b) any costs associated with a product which is determined upon inspection not to be covered by this warranty

Ecogenica Owners Manual

Overall the length of warranty for the tank and heat pump are competitive with some of the mid-range options in the market. The main concern around this warranty is the likelihood of getting a warranty claim approved and what additional costs would fall back onto the consumer as a result of this process.

Check out Ecogenica’s full warranty information at the back of their owners manual here.

Pros and Cons of Ecogenica Heat Pumps


  • One of the lowest cost options on the market
  • Using R290 refrigerant which has low environmental impact


  • Many of the poor reviews for Eco Alliance relate to poor after-sales service and poor quality installation work
  • Poorly defined warranty policy with scope for costs to potentially fall back onto consumers in the event of a product failure

So is the Ecogenica Heat Pump worth it?

As one of the lowest cost heat pump hot water solutions on the market, the Ecogenica models have attracted a lot of attention. The main downsides of the system come back to the warranty policy that’s offered and the negative reviews for Eco Alliance from past customers.

Insufficient information has been disclosed to fairly compare the Ecogenica’s co-efficient of performance (COP) against other brands on the market.

Despite receiving a lot of poor reviews from angry customers the overall review score for parent company Eco Alliance is still 3.85 suggesting there is a mix of good and bad experiences with their products.

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