Evnex EV Charger – An Independent Review

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Note: Solar Choice is not affiliated with any EV Charging company and aims to provide an honest review for those considering purchasing an EV Charger in Australia.

Company Overview

Evnex is a New Zealand-based company that was founded in 2014. The company specialises in manufacturing smart EV chargers. Evnex has a manufacturing facility in Christchurch, New Zealand where they produce their flagship E2 charger. 

In an announcement in 2023, Swedish EV car brand Polestar has selected Evnex as their preferred EV Charging technology for Australian customers.

Popular Models and Comparison of Features

Evnex offers the E2 Home Charger, which is available in both single-phase and three-phase configurations to cater to a variety of home charging needs. The E2 Home Charger is known for its sleek design and smart charging capabilities, allowing users to charge their EVs efficiently and conveniently.

Product NameE2 Home Charger – 1 PhaseX22 Home Charger – 3 Phase
Product Image
Price (Approx. AUD price RRP inc. GST)$1,395$1,995
Rating7.4 kW (1 Phase)22 kW (3 Phase)
Country of manufactureNew ZealandNew Zealand
EV compatibilityType 1 and Type 2Type 1 and type 2
Enclosure dimensions66mm x 286mm x 185mm142mm x 373mm x 212mm
Weight2.95kg (including 5m type 2 cable)2.3kg (untethered option)
Operating TemperatureType 1 and Type 2-25°C to 55°C
Charge cable length5m tethered (Type 2)5m tethered (Type 2) or universal socket option
Solar self-consumption optimisation?YesYes
Internet connection?YesYes
App controlYesYes
Weather resistanceOutdoors (white colour is indoors only)Outdoors (white colour is indoors only)
IP ratingIP55IP54
Warranty (years)3 Years3 Years
DatasheetE2 DatasheetX22 Datasheet

What We Like About These Chargers

Beyond the sleek appearance with 4 colours to choose from, it is great to see a leading EV charging solution that is manufactured locally in the Asia Pacific region.

The E2 Charger includes all the leading technologies like solar power integration and programmable charging.

Their standard flagship single-phase E2 charger comes with all the functionality built-in, so there is no need to buy additional hardware to make this charger work as is the case with some other products on the market.

All this comes at an attractive price of $1,395 for Australian customers.

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Key Features

Smart Charging

The Evnex E2 Home Charger can be controlled remotely through the Evnex mobile app, allowing users to schedule charging sessions, utilise solar power only and monitor their charging history.

Ease of Use

With an intuitive interface and simple plug-and-play operation, the E2 charger is accessible for all users, regardless of their familiarity with EV technology.

Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) compatible

It is great to see that Evnex E2 chargers are compatible with OCPP. OCPP is a communication protocol that many 3rd party software systems can utilise to interact with the charging device. Over time, as the EV market grows, we expect there to be more software

Evnex Mobile App

The Evnex is very straightforward and contains all of the essential features with a sleek design. At the time of writing, there wasn’t enough reviews on either app store to give a rating.

Image credit: Evnex

How Much Does the Evnex E2 Charger Cost?

The costs displayed on Evnex’s website are listed below. It may be possible that some installers and suppliers may have access to discounted pricing:

Evnex E2 Charger – single-phase$1,395
Evnex X22 Charger – three phase$1,995

Pros and Cons

See the below evaluation of the Evnex chargers compared to alternatives on the market.

Local company with products manufactured in New Zealand

Attractive price point compared to chargers with similar functionality

Solar compatible and dynamic load balancing
No option for an untethered single-phase charger, so limited to a 5m cable (which is shorter than some options)

At the time of writing, it appears Evnex do not have an Australian office to provide local support, but they do have an Australian number to call.


It is recommended that the Evnex E2 Home Charger be installed by a qualified electrician to ensure safety and compliance with local regulations. The installation process is generally straightforward.

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Warranty & Service

Evnex offers a comprehensive 3-year warranty for the E2 EV Charger and the X22 EV Charger. Their warranty document is a simple one-pager that covers some of the logical areas where the warranty will not be valid including misused or incorrectly installed products. 

There is no Australian address to process local warranty claims, so it is unclear how a warranty claim would be processed and whether any costs would be incurred by customers. Customers can contact Evnex customer support on 1800 959 377 for assistance with any issues that may arise.

You can view Evnex’s warranty document here.

Should I Buy an Evnex E2 Charger?

In terms of features and value for money, Evnex’s E2 home charger looks to be one of the better options available on the market. The company has almost 10 years of experience manufacturing EV chargers which makes them one of the more experienced companies on the market. 

The one thing we would like to see in the future is a local Australian support office and a clearly outlined process for Australian customers to process a warranty claim should the need arise.

Jeff Sykes