SMA EV Charger – An Independent Review

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Note: Solar Choice is not affiliated with any EV Charging company and aims to provide an honest review for those considering purchasing an EV Charger in Australia.

Company Overview

SMA was founded in 1981 and is headquartered in  Niestetal, Germany. Since 2008, SMA Solar Technology AG, has been listed on the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (S92) and is listed in the TecDAX index and MDAX index.

SMA is primarily a manufacturer of solar inverters with a long history of providing solutions to residential, commercial and utility-scale projects. SMA has a global footprint across 18 countries and was one of the early pioneers in solar system technology.

SMA launched their EV Charger in 2020 and has continued to develop their solution since with several product updates. SMA has an Australian office in North Sydney.

SMA’s EV Charger is available in single-phase and three-phase configurations, catering to a wide range of home charging requirements. It is renowned for its robust design and compatibility with SMA’s energy management systems, allowing for a harmonious balance between solar energy usage and EV charging.

Product NameSMA EV Charger 7.4kW Single-PhaseSMA EV Charger 22kW Three-Phase
Product Image
Price (Approx. AUD price RRP inc. GST)$2,500TBC
Rating7.4 kW (1 Phase)22 kW (3 Phase)
Country of manufactureGermanyGermany
EV compatibilityType 2Type 2
Enclosure dimensions460 mm x 357 mm x 122 mm460 mm x 357 mm x 122 mm
Operating Temperature-25 °C to 40 °C-25 °C to 40 °C
Charge cable length5m Tethered Cable5m Tethered Cable
Solar self-consumption optimisation?YesYes
Internet connection?Wifi & EthernetWifi & Ethernet
App controlYesYes
Weather resistanceOutdoorOutdoor
IP ratingIP65IP65
Warranty (years)5 Years5 Years
DatasheetEV HomeEV Home

What We Like About The SMA EV Charger

If you are an existing SMA inverter customer, or are in the process of having an SMA system installed, the SMA EV charger will harmoniously fit into your energy system via the Sunny Home Manager. This will enable you to maximise savings by diverting solar power into your electric vehicle.

The chargers are also IP65 rated for environmental protection which is better than most options on the market which are IP54 or IP55.

The biggest point of difference for SMA EV Charger is the long 5 year warranty which surpasses most options in the market which offer 2 – 3 years. This is perhaps unsurprising considering SMA’s market position as a high quality German manufacturer.

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Key Features of the SMA home EV charger

Solar Integration

The charger is designed to work in tandem with SMA’s solar inverters, providing an efficient way to charge using solar power, thereby reducing grid dependence.

Sunny Home Manager

Through a single application (Sunny Portal) you can manage your EV charger, solar and battery system and smart appliances enabling homeowners to have ultimate transparency and control over their electricity usage.

Greater Charge Speed Flexibility

The minimum charge speed of the SMA EV Charger will go as low as 1.3kW compared to some chargers which may not go lower than 4.3kW. This enables SMA EV Chargers to utilise more solar power (in solar-only mode) with great flexibility on their charge rates.

5-Year Warranty 

The five-year warranty out of the box is at the highest end of the range for warranties we have seen 

How Much Does the SMA Home Charger Cost?

The pricing for the SMA EV Charger costs around $2,500 plus installation for the 7.4kW single-phase model. For precise pricing, get a quote from one of our trusted installers.

Pros and Cons

Smart home and solar-compatible

Robust construction

5-Year warranty
More expensive than other chargers on the market

Cannot integrate with solar systems that do not include the SMA Sunny Home Manager

No display on the charger


Installation should be conducted by a certified electrician with experience in SMA products to ensure safety and proper integration with your home energy system.

Need an SMA charger installation quote?

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Warranty & Service

SMA’s impressive 5-year standard warranty is backed by one of the largest local Australian offices of any EV Charger company in Australia. Most of the office staff are there to support their large inverter business, but it is good to know they are not going anywhere.

Their office is based in North Sydney and you can visit their online support or call 1800 SMA AUS (1800 762 287).

You can read their full warranty terms here.

Should I Buy an SMA EV Charger?

The SMA EV Charger is certainly a high-quality solution. If you are looking for an EV Charger that is well-protected outdoors and are willing to pay a higher price for something that will last longer, then the SMA EV Charger is a good choice. 

If you have a different solar inverter installed at your house you may be better off considering a universal charger to integrate into your solar system. 

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