Commercial Solar Prices: Current Averages by Capital City

Since May 2014, Solar Choice has been publishing commercial-scale solar PV system prices providing reliable ballpark figures on the going cost of solar in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. The data we use comes from our installer network database, which consists of about 100 CEC-Accredited commercial solar installation companies around the country.

Solar Choice manages tenders for a wide range of commercial solar projects around Australia. The figures in the tables below are based on data from our extensive network of solar installers, many of which specialise solely in commercial-scale solar projects.

Our Residential Solar PV Price Index has been in monthly publication since August 2012; it covers pricing for 1.5kW, 2kW, 3kW, 4kW, 5kW, 7kW and 10kW solar systems. 

Commercial solar power system prices – November 2023

All prices in the tables below include incentives available through the federal Renewable Energy Target (i.e. STCs) as well as GST, but do not incorporate meter installation fees or additional costs such as ground-mounting, grid protection or grid connection studies.

Average commercial system prices by city & size (November 2023)

Adelaide, SA$10,760$30,600$55,780$75,750$93,580
Brisbane, QLD$10,340$28,830$51,650$71,280$93,360
Canberra, ACT$9,760$31,680$51,770$69,130$94,480
Hobart, TAS$12,360$27,490$47,100$65,330$78,100
Melbourne, VIC$9,880$27,220$48,290$63,660$84,630
Sydney, NSW$10,630$26,850$49,770$65,250$85,190
Perth, WA$11,480$30,120$58,830$70,870$92,580

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Table 4: Average commercial solar system prices per watt (November 2023)

Adelaide, SA$1.03$1.04$1.01$1.11$1.08$0.93
Brisbane, QLD$0.99$0.99$0.95$1.04$1.01$0.93
Canberra, ACT$0.99$0.92$1.06$1.03$0.98$0.94
Hobart, TAS$0.96$1.14$0.92$0.94$0.93$0.78
Melbourne, VIC$0.94$0.97$0.91$0.97$0.91$0.85
Sydney, NSW$0.93$1.00$0.86$0.97$0.92$0.85
Perth, WA$0.98$1.03$0.93$1.09$0.97$0.90

Historic average commercial system prices (August 2012 – November 2023)

Gallery: Historic commercial solar system prices by system size & city

Average commercial solar payback periods by state

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Since 2008 Solar Choice has consulted with over 3,000 businesses around Australia and helped develop over 800MW solar commercial and solar farm projects.


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