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Immediately browse solar PV system sizes, and compare detailed offerings from Solar Choice accredited installers covering your local area. Take control over which three installers you’d like to hear from.

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Receive customised offers from installers based on your home including a Solar Choice discount. We remain an impartial source of information through your journey in selecting the right option.

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In-house engineers analyse your energy consumption and building to optimize system size and output.

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Over 3,000 companies trust Solar Choice

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Why Solar Choice?

Since 2008 our knowledge and sophisticated software has allowed over 300,000 Australian households and businesses to make a well-informed choice of solar power installer.

  • Since 2008 we have been trusted by over 3,000 businesses and developed over 750MW of solar farms
  • Over 1 million people use Solar Choice every year to research and compare their local pre-vetted solar installers
  • Solar Choice has pre-vetted a network of over 200 installers Australia-wide
  • Publisher of the Solar Price Index used by the Australian Government, Bloomberg NEF and CHOICE

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  • Quick response and very informative the website helped me understand how this whole solar system works

    Alexis Berry Avatar Alexis Berry
    22 January, 2023

    Quick and accurate

    Paul Regal Avatar Paul Regal
    22 November, 2022

    Asked for 3 quotes - heard from one within 30 minutes and had a quote about an hour later. Second one I heard from after an hour and the... read more

    Scott Southurst Avatar Scott Southurst
    21 February, 2023
  • All good!

    Lyne de Heaume Avatar Lyne de Heaume
    22 December, 2022

    Getting quotes from reputable companies in todays Solar market seems fraught with pitfalls with shonkey dealers all around. This process assured me of reputable companies that were very helpful in... read more

    Brad Traynor Avatar Brad Traynor
    23 October, 2022

    A big thanks to the team members who are helping the energy users to choose the best installers for green energy solutions. Solar Choice is not only helping with the... read more

    Mohammad Kibria Avatar Mohammad Kibria
    22 January, 2023
  • Solar Choice have the best Solar Panel/ Battery power calculator in the business, It is amazing! You can try several options out and make a highly informed decision. To try... read more

    Shane Smith Avatar Shane Smith
    23 July, 2022

    Solar choice have done all the information I was looking to get the best solar retailer. Thankyou

    Halefom Teddla Avatar Halefom Teddla
    22 January, 2023

    The most efficient solar quote comparison site I have come across. Very easy to operate and stacked with educational information for anyone who is not fully up to speed. 5... read more

    Curtis Kennedy Avatar Curtis Kennedy
    23 May, 2022
  • Great place to learn more about solar and compare quotes online. There are a number of extremely in depth resources which helped educate me on solar energy, systems and the... read more

    Doug Allison Avatar Doug Allison
    23 May, 2022

    I have a PV system that can generate a maximum of 7kW. It incorporates an LG battery. Except for the winter months, most of the generated power would be exported... read more

    Kim Lim Avatar Kim Lim
    23 October, 2022

    Solar Choice organised quick responses from three very viable companies - one of which I selected

    Maka McMahon Avatar Maka McMahon
    22 December, 2022
  • Received the quotes very quickly and made the purchase

    Ravi Iyer Avatar Ravi Iyer
    22 December, 2022

    Great service, easy to deal with 👍🏻👍🏻

    Sarah & Chris Bell Avatar Sarah & Chris Bell
    22 October, 2022

    Our Club selected Solar Choice to advise and appoint contractors for our solar panel installation. I highly recommend this company for any business looking at a solar solution.

    Greg Milner Avatar Greg Milner
    9 November, 2022