Guide to the NSW Government Home Battery Rebate

NSW Government Home Battery Rebate

The NSW Government is launching a new home battery rebate program offering between $1600 and $2400 off the upfront installation cost of a household battery for homes and businesses with existing solar, plus an additional $250 to $400 incentive for connecting a battery to a Virtual Power Plant (VPP), which can be claimed a second time after three years.

The initiative is part of the Peak Demand Reduction Scheme, aims to help homeowners store solar energy, reduce energy bills, and contribute to a more reliable state-wide electricity grid.

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NSW Government Battery Rebate Details

Upfront Installation Rebate:

  • Amount: Between $1600 and $2400. Depending on the size of the battery
  • Purpose: To reduce the upfront cost of battery installation, making energy storage more affordable and enhancing the use of generated solar power.

Virtual Power Plant (VPP) Connection Incentive:

  • Amount: Between $250 and $400. This incentive can be claimed twice (depending on the size of the battery) and this can be claimed twice, with a minimum interval of three years.
  • Purpose: To encourage the integration of batteries into VPPs, allowing stored energy to be shared across the grid, improving stability and efficiency.

Eligibility for the NSW Battery Rebate

The eligibility for the NSW battery rebate is quite broad.

  • Solar panels must already be installed
  • Available to homes or businesses with no size restrictions
  • Battery must be within a nominal capacity of 2 kWh to 28 kWh
  • An approved supplier under the PDRS must be used to install the battery
  • Incentives will be available from 1 November 2024

Step-by-Step Process to Access the NSW Battery Rebate

1. Verify Your Eligibility

  • You must be a resident or business owner in NSW with an existing rooftop solar system.
  • Your solar installation must comply with relevant standards and regulations.

2. Choose an Accredited Supplier

  • The rebate is accessed through approved suppliers, known as Accredited Certificate Providers (ACPs), accredited by the Scheme Administrator (IPART).
  • Approved suppliers will be listed from 1 November 2024.

3. Obtain a Quote

  • Enter your postcode below to get 3 free quotes from local installers for the installation of a household battery.
  • Once you’ve received the initial quotes, contact the installer to ensure the quote can include the rebate, reducing the upfront cost by up to $2,400.

4. Install the Battery

  • Schedule and complete the installation with the accredited supplier.
  • Confirm that the installation meets all safety and technical requirements.

5. Connect to a Virtual Power Plant (VPP)

  • Follow your installer’s guidance to connect your battery to a VPP.
  • Claim the additional $250 to $400 incentive for this connection, which can be claimed again after three years.

Benefits of the NSW Government Home Battery Rebate Program

Maximising Solar Energy Use:

  • By installing a battery, households and businesses can store excess solar energy generated during the day for use at night, thereby increasing the utilisation of their solar systems.

Reducing Energy Bills:

  • Stored solar energy can significantly lower electricity costs, as it reduces reliance on grid electricity, especially during peak demand periods.

Enhancing Grid Reliability:

  • The widespread adoption of batteries will contribute to a more stable and reliable electricity grid by providing backup power and helping to manage peak demand.

Supporting Renewable Energy Transition: Increased battery storage capacity will aid NSW in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, targeting a 70% reduction by 2035 and achieving net zero by 2050.

See the NSW government website for more details.

You can also see the QLD Battery Rebate if you are not in NSW.

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James Shand