Commercial Solar Power: Independent Advice & Market Transparency

Over the last 13 years Solar Choice has performed due diligence on 1000s of solar companies and developed a pre-vetted network of Australia’s leading commercial solar installers. We can help you access the best value in the market utilising Solar Choice’s tender management platform with live pricing across over 200 installers for projects from 10kW to 10MW.

Solar Choice’s fees are paid for by the installers in our network, meaning we can deliver our services to clients at no cost. Importantly, all Solar Choice’s partners are are the same terms so we have no bias towards which installer is selected or what product brands are used.

Our process starts with a free, no obligations solar business case, which helps you understand the optimal system size for your energy bills and roof space, the potential costs and financing options and a full cash flow summary over the next 20 years.

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Why engage Solar Choice?

  • Our service starts with a free, no-obligation Business Case Analysis – our commercial team will analyse your electricity bills and make a recommendation on the size of solar system most appropriate for your circumstances
  • Solar Choice is agnostic to all products, installers and financial arrangements
  • We broker the best value offers on commercial solar energy systems, facilitating “apples with apples” comparisons, so that our clients make an educated decision based on real choice rather than irrelevant variations and disparity
  • Our network includes Australia’s most proficient, prominent and competitive solar companies with sufficient resources and experience to meet any large-scale commercial solar energy installation
  • Solar Choice has developed its own Tender Management Platform to streamline the handling of commercial tenders and a central point of information
  • Solar Choice’s commercial team is comprised of highly experienced consultants with diverse backgrounds in renewable energy, engineering, environmental science, finance, law and architecture
  • We remain on hand for our clients during and after installation, acting as their third party advocate and information provider

Other resources about commercial solar power:

Solar Choice’s  Commercial Solar PV Price Index

The Index includes median prices by capital city across popular commercial system sizes. You can view the most recent one here.

Indicative payback periods on commercial solar systems (state by state)

Based on data from nearly 300 indicative business cases that Solar Choice has undertaken for clients.

Commercial Solar Power System Payback Calculator

A tool developed by Solar Choice to help businesses get a rough idea of what system size would provide the best returns for their circumstances.

Portfolio of solar tenders managed – or projects developed – by Solar Choice Commercial

Charles Sturt University 4.4MW Multi-site Rollout 

The installation deployed a total of 62 Fronius inverters of differing sizes, and over 6,000 Canadian Solar modules. The system generated more than 2,600,000 kWh (2,600MWh or 2.6GWh) in the first year of operation.

Amaroo school

Amaroo School 600KW

The installation was completed by a commercial PV specialist installer using Canadian Solar 310W modules and SMA 25,000TL inverters. At 600kW the project will comfortably be the largest roof-top array in ACT, and approximately 2.5 times larger than the next biggest school PV installation in Australia.

Mount Majura Solar Farm 2

Mt Majura Solar Farm 2.3MW 

The Mount Majura Solar Farm north of Canberra Airport was proud host last weekend to an engaging and talented performance by five artists from the ACT based Australian Dance Party.

Doug Hall Poultry 1.1MW Ground-mount

Solar Choice Commercial has brokered a total of 1.2MW of solar for Doug Hall Poultry across multiple sites including a large-scale ground mounted system. The company also has two 100kW solar PV systems at the company’s Ellerslie location, and the first 100kW system for their Millmerran location

Primo Hans Solar 3.2MW Solar Install

Primo Hans 3.2 MW

Primo Smallgoods – Australia’s largest manufacturer of ham, bacon, salami and deli meats – continues to lead the food industry with its procurement of the single largest rooftop solar installation in Australia, at 3.2 megawatts (MW).

Brisbane Markets 1.24MW 

Brisbane markets 1MW Solar power installation

ING Retirement Villages – Multi site rollout 

Retirement Villages Solar Power

BHP Nickel West – Rollout across 195 buildings

BHP Nickel West Solar array 5

Mogumber Poultry Farm – 440kW

Mogumber Solar

Maclean Farms – 280kW Ground-mount

Mclean farms 280kW Ground mount solar

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Since 2008 Solar Choice has consulted with over 3,000 businesses around Australia and helped develop over 800MW solar commercial and solar farm projects.