The Solar Choice System: Free & Informative Solar Quote Comparisons

Better deals than going to the installers direct

How we do it …

To begin with, we don’t sell our own solar power installations. Our job is to sit alongside you and impartially discuss the detailed Solar Quote Comparison of leading solar electricity installers we generate, not opposite you with a pushy sales pitch.

Since 2008 our knowledge and unique software has allowed over 140,000 Australian households and businesses to a make well informed choice of solar power installer.

1. Simply complete the form on this page, and confirm the location of your roof.

2. You can then immediately browse solar PV system sizes, and compare detailed offerings from leading installers covering your local area. Make the most of these market insights, and select which three installers you’d like to hear from.

3. When ready you can read and accept online the terms offered by your preferred solar installer, and receive a binding agreement plus account details for paying your deposit. Solar Choice will remain with you at all times, ensuring a smooth handover and acting as your independent solar advocate up to and even after installation.

Because we provide a large volume of residential and commercial PV work to our extensive network of solar energy installers, we’re able to arrange a better price than if you dealt with those installers directly.

As well as allowing this “Solar Choice Discount” it is the installer, not you, who pays us for our efforts.

Let us help you enjoy the financial and environmental benefits of going solar.

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