Simple Home Battery Storage Sizing Estimator

The calculator below is a simple tool for estimating what size battery bank would be appropriate for your home. It is based on research and tables put together for our article “Sizing residential solar & battery systems: A quick guide” (which we encourage you to read for more background information).

Note that there are two output fields: ‘Maximising financial returns’ and ‘Maximising energy independence’. Generally, a smaller battery bank will cost less and offer better financial returns because it is more likely to be fully utilised (e.g. full charge/discharge on a daily basis) than a larger one (which may sit idle or empty some days of the year). However, we recognise that some people are interested primarily in the energy independence aspect of solar battery storage, so we have also included battery size suggestions for those seeking to maximise their energy independence (more relevant for off-grid systems).

Please also keep in mind that the results in this table are highly indicative, and do not take into account the details of individual situations (such as location, solar panel orientation or consumption habits). This calculator is intended as a starting point for battery system shopping, and should not take the place of a detailed assessment of your needs.

This calculator does not allow for detailed examination of financial returns from battery storage – for that, we recommend our Solar & Battery System Sizing & Payback Estimator.