Chelion Battery: An Independent Review by Solar Choice

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Note: Solar Choice is not a solar installer and has no financial or other incentives to promote Chelion or any product brand over another.

Overview of Chelion – Company History

Chelion was established by Yang Pang, Zhan Gao, and Longhui Wu in September 2021 in Shanghai. The company is a new entrant to the renewables manufacturing market and is currently focused on battery storage solutions and EV chargers for residential, commercial and utility scale applications. 

The company has rapidly established overseas establishing offices in Europe, USA, Japan and Australia. With headquarters in Shanghai, Chelion has also set up an R&D center in Xi’an and operates its test facility in Suzhou, China.

At All Energy Australia 2023, Australia’s largest annual new energy exhibition, Chelion had won the bid and signed a contract for the Port Hedland Airport project in Australia. This project involves providing large-scale energy storage solutions and equipment, and it is scheduled for delivery in the first half of 2024. 

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Chelion Battery Options and Models

The iHome series is Chelion’s flagship model for residential users and the products have received approval from the Clean Energy Council (CEC). The products are listed on the approved battery list under the name of “Shanghai Chelion Renewable Technology Co Ltd.” This accreditation signifies compliance with Australian standards and regulations, providing assurance to consumers seeking reliable renewable energy solutions.

iHome Low Voltage

Chelion low voltage battery iHome-B6.5-L01

The iHome Low Voltage battery solution (iHome-B6.5-L01) is a DC connected battery. This means it can be connected to a solar system via a compatible hybrid inverter. Chelion sell their own branded single-phase hybrid inverter that can be used to accommodate their battery.

The battery has a capacity of 6.5kWh with a depth of discharge of 94.5%. For an end user this means it has a usable capacity of 6.1kWh. The battery has an environmental protection rating of IP55 which means the battery can be installed outdoors if required.

The battery uses the popular lithium iron phosphate chemistry which is noted for its low fire risk. This battery possesses an automatic module recognition capability which enables customers to easily expand their battery capacity over time. 

iHome High Voltage – All In One

Chelion’s High Voltage battery (iHome-B5-HD02)

Chelion’s High Voltage battery (iHome-B5-HD02) is an all-in-one battery solution. This means the battery and a hybrid solar inverter are built in together meaning the solution can be easily deployed in new installations or retrofitted to existing solar systems.

The battery features similar chemistry and performance characteristics as their low voltage model however the battery models come in increments of 5kWh usable capacity. In total 8 of these battery modules can be connected together to reach 40kWh of usable capacity which is more than enough for most residential applications.

The battery also can operate off-grid and can be controlled remotely which means they could be included in an Virtual Power Plant. 

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Australian Warranty Terms for Chelion Batteries

Chelion offers a 10-year warranty and also guarantees a minimum usable capacity at the end of the warranty period. This is good to see as not all battery manufacturer guarantee a maximum degradation rate.

Chelion warrants that the product retains at least 70% of its usable capacity at the earlier of: 

  1. The expiration of the warranty period
  2. Reaching the specified throughput

For the iHome B6.5-L01, this throughput is 21.82 MWh, while for the iHome B5-HD02 the throughput is 14.26 MWh.

Chelion has capped the reimbursement of electrician’s inspection costs at $150. This will likely mean that customers have some expenses out of pocket particularly in rural locations.

Given that Chelion does have an Australian office in Brisbane where customers seeking technical support or warranty issues can contact them direclty. Here are the contact details:

L13/144 Edward Street, Brisbane City, QLD 4000

TEL: 1300 208 962


For the full Chelion warranty information, please click here.

Pros and Cons of Chelion Battery


  • Technical specifications of Chelion’s batteries measure up well against competition
  • Have local office in Queensland Australia


  • In comparative terms, there is a short track record for the reliability and longevity of Chelion’s products being established in 2021.
  • Small market share compared to other battery brands

So, Should I Buy a Chelion Battery?

Chelion’s residential battery solution meets all the local required expectations and has been approved by the Clean Energy Council. It is great to see that Chelion have already established a local office in Brisbane to support the Australian market.

The main risk associated with Chelion batteries is that they do not have the trading history or battery solutions in market for long enough to demonstrate the reliability of their products and service.

Case Study Project of Chelion

Project Name: Port Hedland Airport Australia

Location: Port Hedland, WA

System Size: 600 kW / 2.8 MWh

Commencement Date: 2024 (under construction)

Chelion Battery installation in Port Hedland
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