ReneSola solar panels (& other products) in Australia

Renesola is one of the largest solar panel manufacturers in the world, as well as one of the leading suppliers to Australia. The company produces a range of affordable ‘quasi-monocrystalline’, monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels, as well as its own line of microinverters. The company will also soon be introducing its own string/central inverter solution, roof racking system, and an energy storage system for both grid-connected and off-grid solar systems into the Australian market.

ReneSola: Product Range

-Solar PV modules

ReneSola 250W modules:

Virtus II: Polycrystalline w/ silver frame–Download a datasheet (PDF)

Virtus II: Polycrystalline w/ black frame–Download a datasheet (PDF)

(For installers: Full Black panels are available for container orders. In Victoria Monocrystalline full black are available by the palette.)

ReneSola solar panels: Points of difference

Affordable solar modules from a tier-1 manufacturer, as per Bloomberg New Energy Finance and ‘bankable’ as per Accelios Solar

All modules are protected against potential-induced degradation (PID)–a phenomenon that results in power leakage and loss in solar panels

-Low temperature coefficient means that ReneSola solar panels perform better in high-temperature conditions

-All ReneSola modules, compared to Tier 2 & Tier 3, work better in low light conditions, giving the home a larger yield in the long run.

Local Australian office means prompt and efficient service and support for both system owners and installers

Low light-induced degradation means that panels continue to perform well as they age

ReneSola was the largest importer of solar products into Australia in 2013, and for 2014 they are set to maintain this position with their new Replus Inverter, LED Lighting & Energy Storage divisions

-Have been tested for desert conditions–Sand and dust-proof (see certificate (PDF))

Each ReneSola solar module is electroluminescense (EL) tested after shipping for fine fractures and faults in solar cells

Ammonia corrosion test (IEC 62716) and salt-mist test (IEC61701) compliant

-ReneSola is publicly listed on the New York Stock Exchange (SOL)

Other products by ReneSola

-String inverters: SolarMax

ReneSola is the distributor for Swiss-made SolarMax string inverters in Australia

-Microinverters: Micro Replus

Microinverters offer considerable potential benefit to solar system owners vs conventional, centralised inverters. ReneSola manufactures its own 250W microinverter as well as a Gateway interface (PDF) that allows system owners, installers, and the manufacturer to monitor system performance from virtually anywhere.

Micro Replus microinverter–Download a datasheet (PDF)

-String inverters: Replus (available from 2014)

ReneSola will be introducing a range of transformerless string inverters into the Australian market. The Replus series is available in the most common capacities for residential and small-scale solar systems: 3kW, 4kW, and 5kW.

Replus 3000-5000TL string inverter–Download a datasheet (PDF)

-Roof racking systems

Racking solutions now available for:

-Small Energy Storage System (SESS–available from 2014)

ReneSola will soon introduce a line of small-scale energy management and storage solutions to the Australian market. Both the SESS1000 and SESS2000 have a storage capacity of 2.5kWh. The two units have a rated output power of 1000W and 2000W, respectively.

SESS1000 & SESS2000–Download a datasheet (PDF)


-All ReneSola products currently available in Australia are CEC accredited

-All ReneSola modules have been fire tested by TUV Rheinland and certified under IEC 61730, MST-23, Class A, Safety Class II & Fire Rating C (download certificate–PDF)

About ReneSola:

Headquarters: Shanghai, China

Australian Headquarters:  18 Corporate Blvd, Bayswater, VIC – 3153

History in the industry: ReneSola was established in 2005 as Zhejian Yuhui Solar Energy Source Co as a silicon wafer manufacturing company. The company was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2008. ReneSola furnishes solar wafers to a number of the world’s top solar panel manufacturers.

Australian contact info:

T: 1300 700 788 | M: + 61 432 661 502 | F: +61 3 9738 2958

E: | W:

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