Compare Accredited Solar PV System Installers In Australia

All companies in the Solar Choice network use Clean Energy Council-accredited installers

The Clean Energy Council of (CEC) grants certification to solar system installers who have completed their accreditation program and meet their certification requirements. Since the beginning of CEC accreditation and the introduction of federal and state renewable energy incentive schemes, the number of installers has swelled enormously – there are currently thousands of accredited individuals around the country. With such a large number of accredited solar panel installers across the country – many more reputable, experienced and reliable than others – it can be difficult to make the right selection and obtain the best value deal to suit your individual preferences.

How Solar Choice introduces you to accredited solar system installers

We listen to what your solar energy requirements, and address any queries you have objectively and impartially. Rather than try to push or persuade you to go with one solar panel installer over another, we help you to a point where you can make an educated selection.

Personalised solar quote comparisons

We’ll take an aerial view of your roof using Google Earth, and then provide you with a professionally compiled and easy to follow Quote Comparison Summary of the panels, inverters, warranties, places of manufacture and prices offered by the Solar Choice Clean Energy Council-accredited solar installers who cover your area. We request reviews from all of the customers  who use our platform and publish an online database of reviews which helps us determine who the most trustworthy installers are in Australia.

We then arrange for the solar panel installer you’ve selected to formalise your agreement, or to save time our online system can provide you with a consolidated solar quote with the installer’s Terms and Conditions, which you can accept before you proceed on to pay your deposit. Solar Choice remains with you should you require advice and assistance at every stage up to and even after installation.

Installation of solar panels in an average household system generally takes less than a day.

Because we provide a greater volume of work to our selected installers, we’re able to arrange a better price for your installation than if you dealt with them directly. The quote you are given will disclose your discount.

You don’t have to pay us anything; the installers pay Solar Choice for our efforts.

Call us on 1300 78 72 73, and let us source a great solar energy deal for you.

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