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Solar Choice logoBenefits of Our Service for Installation Companies

Our goal is to provide the best quality lead generation service in the market at prices significantly lower than most lead generation companies--in some cases at a 100% discount. Here is how and why we aim to achieve our goal:

· Supplying the most qualified leads

All our traffic is organic, and we haven’t needed to rely on paid advertising since 2011.

· Shape Volume and Geographical Reach With No Fixed Contract

Our Brokers can ramp up or slow down the number of leads that you receive at the touch of a button so that your requirements can be met. We do no lock any of our Installers in to receive a set amount of leads but instead allow you to dictate volume.

· Target Regions

If you want to target micro-regions within a particular state, we have the ability to setup these regions up usually within 24 hours so that you can focus your marketing on a chosen area.

· Commercial Pipeline/Opportunities

At the outset it’s important to appreciate the full picture of how Solar Choice operates. As brokers we are geared to scale up opportunities, which has allowed us to generate a huge commercial pipeline over the years as well as a sophisticated Tender Management Platform, whereas the plethora of lead-generators out there have a very basic business model that isn’t geared to commercial and relies on Google Adwords.

· Easily Contactable Go to Person

Our business model is foremost about building and maintaining productive relationships with reliable and reputable installers. We have a core team of solar energy brokers who have mostly been with Solar Choice for at least three to four years.

· Efficient and automated tracking of Solar Choice jobs in your database

Almost every installer in our network now has a professionally managed database and ability to automatically track Solar Choice leads with simple message rules and flags. Every new customer notification from Solar Choice comes with a CSV file for ease of integration into your customer database. We can readily introduce you to a highly proficient solar-CRM tool designed especially for the Australian market should your business require it … simply let us know if you are having trouble automatically tracking the source of leads.

· Market feedback

As Brokers, we are in a very unique position of the market with the ability to view the solar market from above, seeing both the market trends from installers and customers. As result we are able to suggest the best possible way for you to gain the most traction out of our exclusive and unique service.

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Matt Lasauce
Installer Network Manager
Ph: 0410 124 850

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