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If you are a Clean Energy Council-accredited solar installer or retailer who employs/subcontracts accredited installers, you’re welcome to lodge an enquiry to join our network.

About Solar Choice

Solar Choice’s services extend to all regions of Australia. Since 2008 we have provided free & instant Solar & Battery Quote Comparisons to over 120,000 homes & business around the country, and over 4 million people have visited our site for free information and advice. Over the years the writing & research that appears on our site has been cited by a wide range of media outlets, government website & reportsĀ and industry bodies.

Why we’re different

Solar Choice is the only solar & battery comparison service in Australia to offer customers an instant, apples-to-apples look at the market in their area. Installers in our network upload indicative pricing & product information for a range of sizes and product offerings (primary, premium and microinverter systems) for the post code regions that they choose to operate in.

Our highly automated system makes for a better overall customer experience, and also cuts down on the amount of time you’ll spend on putting together quotes for prospective customers.

The vast majority of our customers find us via non-paid, ‘organic’ search engine queries on the back of years of effort. In combination with successes in the development of a range of large-scale solar farms, our formidable online visibility allows us to offer competitive rates for lead generation.

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