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To date, we’ve helped over 95,000 Australian households and businesses make an informed choice about solar power – and now we can assist with batteries as well.

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For residential solar PV & battery storage customers:

Select the ‘Residential’ tab on the ‘Request Quote Comparison’ form to the right of this page, then fill in your details.

If you’re interested only in batteries storage (e.g. because you already have a solar PV system), simply tick the ‘Battery Storage Only’ box under ‘Quotation Type’.

By selecting ‘Solar Energy’, you’ll be able to compare quotes for both rooftop solar and battery storage.

If you have any other enquiries, or would like to discuss your project directly with a member of our team, feel free to contact us on 1300 78 72 73.

For commercial clients:

Select the ‘commercial’ tab on the ‘Request Quote Comparison’ form to the right, then fill in your details.

Commercial and utility-scale clients will be referred to the Solar Choice Commercial Team, who will get in touch directly to discuss the details of the project. For more information on the Solar Choice Tender Management process please visit our Commercial Solar Tender Management page, or take a tour of our Tender Management Platform.