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The financial and environmental benefits of installing a solar power system are abundantly clear for individual households: significant savings on power bills and plentiful power from a carbon emission-free energy source. These benefits increase multifold when a solar community is formed.

What is a Solar Community? Power in numbers

A solar community is a group of residents in a particular area who join together in order to get bulk discounts on solar power systems--similar to a solar system bulk-buying arrangement, but with multiple options available to each individual participant. The size of a Solar Community varies, from as small as a few dozen homes to as many as 500+. Anyone--including you--can start a Solar Community.

With a network of hundreds of accredited solar power installers throughout Australia, Solar Choice is well-positioned to negotiate great deals on solar power installations for our customers. Each Solar Community participant may choose from a range of local and national installers, solar system sizes, and system options, all with the free and impartial advice of our friendly brokering team.

To locate or start a solar community in your area call our National Sales Manager on 1300 78 72 73 or send an email to

Solar Communities previously organised through Solar Choice

Solar Choice has organised a number of solar communities throughout the Australia, including:

-Hervey Bay - Bundaberg - Gympie, QLD: Approximately 370 systems

-Broome - Derby, WA: Approximately 60 systems

-Latrobe Retirement Community, Vic: Approximately 225 systems

-Dubbo, NSW: Approximately 500 systems [Solar Choice Dubbo & Central West NSW office]

-Riverlands, SA: Approximately 30 systems

-Mackay region, Queensland

-Townsville and surrounds, Queensland

-Kununurra, Wyndham, and Lake Argyle, Western Australia

Residential Solar Power

Residential solar power systems overview

Residential solar power finance options

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