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Commercial Solar PV Price Index for May 2020

With heavy activity in Victoria and shifts in solar technology to half cut solar modules,  price updates from several companies have resulted in a slight downwards shift in average dollar […]

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Residential Solar PV Price Index – May 2020

Average residential solar system prices have slightly decreased to $1.04 per watt ($/W) this month on the back of several factors, including changes to the composition of the Solar Choice […]

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5kW Solar Systems: Pricing, Output, and Returns

5 kilowatt (5kW) solar systems have become one of the most popular sizes in Australia, thanks to the combination of high energy yields and great value-for-money that they deliver. What are […]

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Solar Panels Maitland: Compare costs & installers

Almost 20% of households in Maitland and surrounding areas have already installed solar panels, according to data sourced from the Australian Photovoltaic Institute. This article helps to explain why Maitland […]

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Solar Panels Geelong: All you need to know!

Geelong, located just west of Melbourne, is a good place for installing a solar PV system. Additionally, with electricity rates rising, the price of solar PV falling, and up-front rebates available […]

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