Solar power {{suburb}}, {{state}} {{postcode}}: Compare prices & installers

Solar panels are one of the most popular ways for households to reduce their electricity bills in Australia. Solar Choice can help you to instantly compare solar installers and prices in {{suburb}}, {{state}} with free and impartial Solar Quote Comparisons.

We can also help you compare battery storage prices & options if you are looking to store energy for nighttime use.


About solar panel installations in the {{suburb}} area

Below is some basic information about solar energy in {{suburb}}.

  • Roughly {{per_dwellings_solar}}% of the households around {{suburb}} have solar panels on their roofs, according to data from the Australian Photovoltaic Institute (APVI)
  • The average size of a solar energy system in {{suburb}} is approximately {{average_system_size}}kW (including larger, commercial installations), also according to the APVI
  • The average rooftop in {{suburb}} receives approximately {{solar_irradiance}} hours of ‘peak sun’ per day, averaged throughout the year. Assuming an overall system efficiency of about 80%, this means that:
    • A 1.5kW system in {{suburb}} will produce about {{_1_5kw_system_output}}kWh per day in good conditions.
    • A 3kW solar system will produce about {{_3kw_system_output}}kWh per day.
    • A 5kW solar system will produce about {{_5kw_system_output}}kWh per day.
    • A 10kW solar system will produce about {{_10kw_system_output}}kWh per day.
  • Since 2008, Solar Choice has provided {{postcode_quote_number}} quotes for homes and businesses in the {{postcode}} area.
  • There are currently {{installer_number}} solar installers offering quotes through Solar Choice in the {{postcode}} area

Learn more about solar power and energy storage in {{state_info_link}}.

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Commercial solar project tender management

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