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Solar Panels Cairns: All you need to know!

In several regions around Cairns solar panel pentration has exceeded 30% as can be seen in above image and data sourced from the Australian Photovoltaic Institute. This article helps to […]

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Is home solar power still worth it in 2020?

Solar Energy provides many benefits for the environment, this article focuses on the financial feasibility of installing solar power on a residential rooftop.     What is the average cost […]

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Residential Solar PV Price Index – March 2020

Average residential solar system prices have slightly decreased to $1.07 per watt ($/W) this month on the back of several factors, including changes to the composition of the Solar Choice […]

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Commercial solar panels in Sydney NSW

Solar power is an attractive investment option and great way to save money for businesses in Sydney and across the rest of New South Wales. This article provides an overview […]

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