Time of use tariff schedules by state and network

Below is a list of time of use (TOU) electricity tariff schedules by state and network. Under TOU billing, customers are charged a different rate depending on when they use electricity – ‘peak’ times are the most expensive periods, when the greatest number of people tend to be using electricity. (Victoria and the Northern Territory will be added soon.)

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TOU tariffs vs flat & block rates

TOU billing differs from ‘flat rate’ tariffs, in which a single rate is charged for energy consumption, regardless of when it is consumed during the day. ‘Block rate’ tariffs, meanwhile, charge a flat rate that changes depending on the amount of electricity that is consumed per day or per billing period.

TOU tariff rates vary by retailer

Keep in mind that the network company is probably not the company that charges you for electricity; in most states, electricity retailing has been decoupled from the provision of network services. Accordingly, the rates charged for electricity will also vary depending on the retailer who sells you electricity. Most Australians can shop around for electricity retailers and plans on the EnergyMadeEasy.gov.au website.

Switching away from TOU billing

If you are on a TOU billing arrangement but would like to switch to a block or flat rate, it is usually (but not always) necessary to swap your electricity meter, for which there may be a charge. Consult with your retailer or local network about your options.

State Network


Peak Shoulder Off Peak
ACT ActewAGL 7am-9am

5pm-8pm every day


8pm-10pm every day

All other times
NSW Ausgrid 2pm-8pm weekdays 7am-2pm

8pm-10pm working weekdays

7am–10pm weekends & public holidays

All other times
Essential 7am-9am






All other times
Endeavour 1pm-8pm business days 7am-1pm


Business days

All other times
QLD Energex 4pm-8pm







10pm-7am weekdays and weekends
NT (Darwin) PowerWater 6am-6pm weekdays including public holidays N/A 6pm-6am weekdays and all weekend
SA SA Power Networks 7am-9pm (CST) weekdays N/A All other times
TAS Tas Networks 7am-10am



N/A All other times
VIC All networks 3pm-9pm weekdays, AEST 7am-3pm, 9pm-10pm, weekdays and 7am-10pm weekends, AEST All other times
WA Synergy 3pm to 9pm weekdays 7am to 3pm weekdays

7am to 9pm weekends

9pm to 7am everyday

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