Who sells Tesla’s Powerwall in Australia? (And how much does it cost?)

Earlier this week, Tesla at long last revealed (with some fanfare) which Australian installers have been knighted as ‘authorised resellers’ of the Powerwall. So who is selling Tesla’s Powerwall in Australia?

Tesla’s Powerwall has been the single most talked-about home battery storage device in Australia since Tesla announced it earlier this year – and despite a plethora of other options already on the market.

Tesla-worthy power output ratings, attractive price point and sleek design are the main reasons that the Powerwall caused such a stir – impressively (and probably intentionally, given Tesla’s knack for creating a buzz) selling out pre-orders before the it even went into production.

Which companies in the Solar Choice network install Tesla’s Powerwall?

Being an impartial brokerage and comparison service who works with around 100 installers nation-wide, Solar Choice does not publish the names of solar or battery storage installation companies on our website.

While we therefore can’t name which authorised Powerwall installers are active in our network – or where – we can divulge that Tesla’s Powerwall is, in fact, available and listed alongside other product offerings.

Our free quote comparison service allows our customers to see indicative installation prices and product offerings lined up side-by-side, making apples-to-apples comparisons quick and easy.

Earlier this year, we expanded our system’s functionality to include Battery Storage Quote comparisons in addition to our Solar Quote Comparisons – which have enabled over 95,000 Australian households and thousands of businesses to make an informed choice about solar power since 2008.

Remember: The Powerwall isn’t the only home battery storage device in Australia.

Virtually everyone loves Tesla. The company’s visionary goals and flare for the sensational, coupled with the other forward-thinking ventures (Space X, the Hyperloop) by Tesla founder Elong Musk have propelled the company beyond the realm of being a product & service provider into the domain of being an authority on the future itself.

That being said, the Powerwall is not the only home energy storage device on the Australian market. Our perennial advice to our customers is to shop around and make sure you are well-educated about your range of options before making a final decision – even if it is the Powerwall in the end.

Request a Solar & Battery Storage Quote Comparison to a range of energy storage product offerings from installers in your area (including the Powerwall, where available). Simply fill out the form to the right of this page to get started.

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  1. I would like a quote on a Tesla battery installed.
    I currently have a Bosch inverter and a 4.7kW set of solar panels [18]

    1. Hi Peter,

      The best way to get quotes through our system is to fill in the Quote Comparison Request form to the right of this page. I know that you have a preexisting solar system, but by filling out your details you’ll also be able to compare battery installation options separately. Please indicate in the ‘Comments’ section that you’re only looking for batteries.

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