Compare Solar Feed-in Tariffs – State by State

Beautiful australian home with solar

State Solar Feed-In Tariffs State and Territory governments across Australia have adopted different approaches to what is normally referred to as a solar feed-in tariff, sometimes known as a solar bonus scheme […]

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Best SA Solar Feed-In Tariffs

House roof with solar panels installed in suburban area of South Australia

Residents in South Australia have the highest electricity rates in Australia.  This explains why going solar is a big motivation for household owners there, with one in three having a […]

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Best QLD Solar Feed-In Tariffs

Queensland, otherwise known as the Sunshine state has a perfect environment for solar panel installations. With 300 days of sunshine per year and an average of 8-9 hours of sun […]

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Best VIC Solar Feed-In Tariffs

solar home victoria

There is a wide variety of different reasons for residential homeowners to switch to solar energy in Victoria. This includes the cost savings of relying less on the grid or […]

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Best NSW Solar Feed-In Tariffs

Happy couple standying near their house with a solar panels. Alternative energy, saving resources and sustainable lifestyle concept.

Solar feed-in tariffs are a payment that you receive from your chosen electricity supplier in exchange for any surplus clean energy that your solar panels feed back into the grid. […]

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Origin Feed In Tariffs Explained

Origin Energy Feed In Tariff Banner Image

Origin Energy is Australia’s largest electricity retailer, servicing around a quarter of the residential electricity market. Though you may not know that Origin Energy is a relatively young company – […]

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