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The price shown is for standard projects only, but may be altered as additional services required to complete the installation for the customer. These additions and exclusion of the project are listed below - please consult AES about extra cost if there are any special needs or requirements of the project:
(1) The provision to obtain of any approvals from any person or parties (e.g. DA)
(2) Authority fees for Grid Connection Applications
(3) Rectification of an existing electrical supply
(4) Upgrade the meter panel
(6) Civil work that is required before installing all system components
(6) Work required where safe, unhindered access for the installation is not provided
(7) Install grid protection or other devices as required by network authority
(8) Supply specific project structural certificate
(9) Supply & install special racking system (e.g. tilt, etc)
(10) Hire material lifting equipment
(11) Accommodation expenses for rural jobs - indicative rate $300/night

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