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I’m Marcus Power, a Brimbank local, and have lived in Sunshine and St Albans for 15 years. My career in solar began in 2008, just as the solar industry was starting to take off. Since then I have undertaken a wide range of installations, covering residential, commercial and off-grid systems with battery storage. This includes a stint where I designed and installed stand-alone systems in remote areas of the Kimberly’s.

I’m a former mechanic, now a licensed electrician. I am a Clean Energy Regulator registered solar installer, and also a registered solar designer. My company, Travis Creek Pty Ltd (trading as Brimbank Solar) is a Registered Electrical Contractor. The solar industry is always evolving, and I am active in staying on top of trends and in continued professional development.

I got into the solar industry out of a desire to help Australia move away from dirty pollution fossil fuel energy to clean, renewable energy. This is a mammoth task, but something that many Australian’s have embraced, with Australia now having the highest uptake of residential solar in the world. To date I’ve installed over 500 systems, and am proud of the contribution I’ve made to helping people reduce their energy bills and carbon pollution.

Solar power provides many advantages – it reduces power bills, cuts down carbon pollution, and with solar power and batteries you can even go totally off the electricity grid. The installation of panels is labour intensive, so it creates jobs (such as mine).

I have a vision that one day in Sunshine and surrounding suburbs most buildings will have solar panels on them, that solar will also help pave the way to get electric cars onto our roads, and that there will be a lot of energy storage in the Brimbank area to reduce our reliance on polluting fossil-fuel based energy 24 hours a day/365 days a year..

As a local I’m committed to providing a great solar experience to everyone. I guarantee the savings you’ll achieve.

Brimbank Solar is a member of the Local Solar Experts group. I network regularly with other solar installers through the group, with ongoing monthly professional development. As a member of this group I tap into expertise and services that many of the national solar companies use, so can deliver you the best of both worlds: professional systems and local expertise, knowledge and commitment.


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