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We regularly complete regional installations each month to make our installs cost effective for both you and us we like to group jobs together to be completed in one week, we charge a rate of $1 per km from Caboolture QLD one way. Bearing this in mind it may take approximately 4 weeks for us to do your installation subject to both weather and our current schedules.

Battery Storage Life Cycle can vary due to different loads and the number of cycles a battery system goes through. Some people may find their battery life is slightly shorter while others may find an increased lifespan. We prefer not to run our batteries down to 70% our max recommendation is 50% or 3000 cycles Grid Hybrid and 30% 6000 cycles for off grid.

Battery Backup AC Connected only 5kWhrs of Battery Backup to 40% deod@C100, MAX AC Couples PV 5kW Generic inverter, Hoppecke Batteries 8 x 6V 250Ahr, 1 x SPMC 481 5.0kW Inverter, Battery Box Inconnects, 4 x Surge Diverters. DC connect ask for further pricing.

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