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EFS Solar are a solar company based in Southport, Queensland.


4/507 Olsen Ave Southport NSW 4215


38 607 956 436

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17th May 2024
6kW system

Sales person will tell anything to get a...

Review left 5 years after system installed

Installer Comments

Sales person will tell anything to get a sale. Asked rep where theu are made because brand is Canadian Solar , he said it was made in Canada. But when i received solar it was all made in China at a very over priced system.1 year ago IF he had told the the truth the sale would have stopped there.

Solar Panel - Canadian Solar


Solar Inverter - Goodwe


Idin't have a choice of brand just panels and inverter Chinese

17th October 2023
9kW system

Installer Comments

HORRIBLE. I wish I had read the other review before proceeding. The salesperson came to determine if solar would meet our needs and if it could be installed. After going through everything with him, they came out several weeks later (although he promised a couple of days) only to tell us they weren't installing because of "high winds over 35 km," which we checked with 3 different websites that list windspeed in our area and none were over 22km at the most for this day with the highest wind gust measured at 27km. They asked where we wanted the inverter, yet they put it in a different place- right in front of our front door on a perpendicular wall- without consulting with us. They left all the panels leaning up against our house UNSECURE, and we had to assume the liability if they are stolen and damaged??? They did come back and pick them up when we said we weren't responsible for them and wanted them gone. After not hearing from them about rescheduling, we agreed for them to come get the inverter and patch the wall where they put it, which I'm sure won't be done correctly. Oh, and they also broke the latch of our gate by leaving it open all day. And the other review is CORRECT. They don't answer the phone half the time and don't call people back. You get a different person each time and all they care about is selling the panels. No one knows what the other is doing. If you complain about anything, YOU are the problem, AND Cameron talks over you when you are trying to explain why you are frustrated with the people on the worksite who actually asked us, "When are we supposed to be coming back?" Uh, how are we supposed to know that? AVOID at all costs unless you want a hassle.

Solar Panel -


I don't know what the solar brand was because they never gave us the paperwork for it. They took it and we refused to let them continue with the install after screwing up the inverter install.

Solar Inverter -


We never used it. They placed it in the WRONG place, pretty much right in front of our front door on the side wall.

13th July 2023
NSW - 2147
5kW system

Installer Comments

Catastrophically Inept. Over 7 weeks and 4 attempts to install, damaged roof (although that issue was addressed and fixed), awful to non-existent customer and after sales service. No one knows what's going on or what anyone else is doing or when. Charged more than invoiced amount. No one answers phones, emails replied to by sales only on average 1 week delay. Marginal communication regarding install bookings some turned up for , some not, some made without notification.

Solar Panel - Canadian Solar


They work. Around 73 percent efficiency. Max 3.6kW from a 4.9kW system

Solar Inverter -


It works. Comms app is extremely basic. Current and daily/ totals only