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Are you curious about this is a blog about solar energy? Well, solar power has become one of the most cost-effective green solutions to our current energy crisis. It’s fast becoming the wave of the future. And while this is a blog about solar energy, it’s also about green technology in general. And so, if you want to get more insight into this exciting and growing green technology…

This is a blog about solar energy because I want to share with you my personal story about learning how I went from being an “experienced” electrician to completely greening my home. You may not realize it, but as you move further into green technologies, you’re going to realize that it’s not as hard as it seems. I’d say it’s easier than what you might think. You just need a solar inverter.

What is a solar inverter? It’s a small device that you plug into your house and makes the electrical power in your house even cleaner. It takes a DC energy (the sun’s rays) and converts it to AC energy (your car’s engine) using a DC-to-DC converter. This allows you to convert your solar panels into AC power, which you use to run your lights, appliances and other electric items in your home. Now that you know this, let me tell you about solar panels.

First, if you want to learn how I went about switching over to solar energy, I would recommend you do some research online. There are lots of different solar panels available on the market today. You can find them pretty easily by visiting your favourite search engine and type in “solar panels” or “solar inverter.” I’d personally recommend getting the solar panels and the solar inverter from the same vendor (for better performance and better price).

Next, if you want to know how I made my solar panels, I would highly recommend that you visit the forum on this very subject. There are lots of different solar forums out there where people post all kinds of things about solar energy and their lives. You can usually find answers to any questions that you have regarding solar panels and solar energy here.

Finally, this is a blog about solar energy, and I’m not going to lie to you. I did not have solar energy when I first got my house built. However, I did see a lot of options for solar energy after I did my research online. I’ve saved thousands of dollars already by using DIY solar energy.


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