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13 July 2016

Residential Solar PV Price Index – July 2016

11 July 2016

Could the Renewable Energy Target once again be under threat with new government?

6 July 2016

Australia makes top 10 in list of Solar Super States

15 June 2016

Residential & commercial solar system prices for June now live in our blog:

Residential PV Price Index - June 2016

Commercial PV Price Index - June 2016

27 January 2016

Australia’s new solar milestone: One panel per capita

25 January 2016

Australian Anti-Dumping Commission to reexamine Chinese panel dumping complaint

22 January 2016

Residential solar PV price index – January 2016

14 January 2016

Can you go off-grid with a 3kW solar system plus batteries?

24 December 2015

A look back at 2015: The year Australia talked (a lot) about solar battery storage

23 December 2015

Once coal-fired, Brisbane Powerhouse resurrected as 100kW solar power plant

22 December 2015

Nearly 1GW of solar installed in Aus in 2015 – thanks to large-scale projects

21 December 2015

Commercial Solar PV Price Index: December 2015

18 December 2015

60MW of rooftop solar installed in November – nearly 30% commercial

17 December 2015

Residential solar PV price index – December 2015

15 Dec 2015

Aerial photos of completed 600kW solar array on the ACT’s Amaroo School

12 December 2015

Aerial photos of completed 600kW solar array on the ACT’s Amaroo School

11 December 2015

Solar Choice brokers 75kW solar array for Wilton Shopping Centre in Western Sydney

10 December 2015

Who sells Tesla’s Powerwall in Australia? (And how much does it cost?)

7 December 2015

Adelaide plans to become world’s first carbon-neutral city

4 December 2015

South Australia’s Retailer Feed-in Tariff to increase to 6.8c/kWh (but does it really matter?)

3 December 2015

Can you go off-grid with solar and energy storage?

1 December 2015

Energy storage in NSW after the Solar Bonus Feed-in Tariff Scheme

30 November 2015

Commercial Solar PV Price Index: November 2015

27 November 2015

The Australian solar home in 2025 (Australian Utility Week Roundup Part 2)

26 November 2015

[WATCH] Home solar battery storage in the mainstream media

25 November 2015

Australian Utility Week 2015 Roundup (Part 1): Australia’s emerging electricity story

23 November 2015

Energy Storage Australia 2015 – Conference roundup

18 November 2015

Battery storage systems to be allowed to export energy in WA from December

16 November 2015

Australian Energy Market Operator network planning document anticipates mass uptake of solar + storage

14 November 2015

Check out Solar Choice’s new energy storage resource

13 November 2015

Residential solar PV price index – November 2015

5 November 2015

Solar Choice Commercial news:

Amaroo School’s 600kW solar panel array installation complete [PHOTOS]

Solar Choice brokers 100kW solar array for Perth’s Sandalford Winery

Solar Choice brokers 54kW solar system for Cawarra Cosmetics in North Coast NSW

4 November 2015

Queensland’s new large-scale solar incentive: The Solar 60 Contract for Difference (CFD)

2 Novermber 2015

NSW Greens call on Premier to adopt 2040 zero emissions target

30 October 2015

Commercial Solar PV Price Index: October 2015

28 October 2015

Residential solar PV price index – October 2015

27 October 2015

Energy storage in NSW after the Solar Bonus Feed-in Tariff Scheme

13 October 2015

Federal environment minister: battery storage & off-grid living ‘clearly the future’

12 October 2015

Australia to have lowest-cost large-scale wind & solar projects in APAC – and coal can’t compete

1 October 2015

Aussie renewables industry should feel ‘very supported’ under Turnbull: Hunt

30 September 2015

Commercial Solar PV Price Index: September 2015

24 September 2015

Could Aussie homes find it more economical to go off-grid? New analysis suggests ‘yes’

20 September 2015

Solar Choice brokers 60kW solar system for Robinson Community College in Broken Hill, NSW

19 September 2015

Solar Choice brokers 100kW solar system for Hume Doors & Timber in Perth

18 September 2015

Bulli Creek Solar Farm in Ecogeneration magazine

17 September 2015

Australia has a new PM: What’s in store for solar?

16 September 2015

Solar Choice brokers 100kW solar array for SlumberCare in Darwin, NT

15 September 2015

Solar Choice brokers 100kW solar system for Muswellbrook Workers Club

14 September 2015

QLD government aims to turn Sunshine State into Solar State

12 September 2015

Australia will have 50GW of solar by 2040 – most of it ‘behind the meter’

11 September 2015

Residential solar PV price index – September 2015

3 September 2015

QLD government to give boost to rooftop & large-scale solar

1 Sept 2015

2015-16 NSW benchmark solar feed-in tariff rates to drop further: IPART draft report

29 August 2015

ACT’s largest rooftop PV project - developed by Solar Choice - reaches financial close

28 August 2015

Brisbane Markets 1.06MW rooftop solar array installation complete (NEW IMAGES)

24 August 2015

Commercial Solar PV Price Index: August 2015

21 August 2015

Solar Choice brokers 30kW solar system for Gold Coast Central Seventh-Day Adventist Church

19 August 2015

Aus energy markets in midst of ‘seismic shift’ thanks to solar, storage: Shorten

17 August 2015

Solar Choice brokers commercial solar system for Kennards Hire in first stage of broader roll-out

15 August 2015

Solar Choice launches Australia’s first battery storage comparison platform

14 August 2015

Survey confirms: Over 80% of Australians prefer solar energy over other sources

13 August 2015

Survey confirms: Over 80% of Australians prefer solar energy over other sources

12 August 2015

Brisbane Markets 1.06MW rooftop solar array installation complete [NEW IMAGES]

http://Brisbane Markets 1.06MW rooftop solar array installation complete [NEW IMAGES]

11 August 2015

Solar Choice survey provides snapshot of Australians’ thoughts on energy storage

5 August 2015

ARENA predicts ‘mega-shift’ towards energy storage as battery prices drop

4 August 2015

SMH highlights growing interest in solar energy storage

3 August 2015

Residential Solar PV Price Index: August 2015

28 July 2015

Adelaide City’s solar & energy storage incentives

http://Adelaide City’s solar & energy storage incentives

27 July 2015

New Scientist on the battery storage revolution: We can “all be power brokers”

24 July 2015

Can you go off-grid with solar and energy storage?

23 July 2015

Labor Party to commit to 50% federal Renewable Energy Target by 2030

22 July 2015

Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary nabs record low PV tender below 4c/kWh

21 July 2015

Queensland’s Ergon announces tenders for 200MW of large-scale solar

20 July 2015

Commercial Solar PV Price Index: July 2015

17 July 2015

Residential Solar PV Price Index: July 2015

16 July 2015

NSW energy storage market could boom as Solar Bonus payments wind down at end of 2016

15 July 2015

Solar-plus-storage: How much battery capacity do you need?

14 July 2015

ACT large-scale solar-plus-storage program receives 30 applications

8 July 2015

Average Australian solar system size up to 5kW: Sunwiz

6 July 2015

Solar Choice brokers winning bid on 100kW system for prominent retail chain premises in western Sydney

3 July 2015

VIC solar feed-in tariff faces further reduction

2 July 2015

Victoria, NSW will lead the way in residential energy storage uptake

29 June 2015

Solar-plus-storage will account for nearly half of Aussie electricity demand by 2040

25 June 2015

Australian Energy Regulator rejects proposed fee on SA solar homes

18 June 2015

The Solar Choice customer experience: Take a visual tour

17 June 2015

Commercial Solar PV Price Index: June 2015

16 June 2015

Residential Solar PV Price Index: June 2015

15 June 2015

Wind & solar save the day in SA as fire disables Northern coal plant

28 May 2015

SA Power Networks could introduce $100 annual charge for solar homes

26 May 2015

ARENA-backed survey says Australia loves solar

25 May 2015

Solar Choice brokers 30kW rooftop solar system for Bridgestone Earthmover Tyres in Mount Isa, QLD

19 May 2015

New residential energy storage pilot projects to showcase promise of energy independence

17 May 2015

Solar Choice brokers 100kW solar array for Doug Hall Poultry in Millmerran, QLD

18 May 2015

Renewable Energy Target deal struck: 33,000GWh with no 2-yearly reviews

16 May 2015

Queensland to aim for 50% renewables, 1 million solar homes by 2030

15 May 2015

Queensland to aim for 50% renewables, 1 million solar homes by 2030

14 May 2015

Clean Energy Finance Corp to invest $1b towards solar of all sizes

12 May 2015

WA government backs off on plans for higher fixed charges for solar homes

7 May 2015

ACT government seeks expressions of interest in development of 50MW solar-plus-storage facility

6 May 2015

Residential Solar PV Price Index: May 2015

23 April 2015

Commercial PV Price Index: April 2015

17 April 2015

Residential Solar PV Price Index: April 2015

1 April 2015

Solar Choice brokers 50kW ‘zero-export’ solar system for St George Hotel in Queensland

27 March 2015

Coalition rejects 41,000GWh ‘compromise’ on Renewable Energy Target

13 March 2015

Commercial PV Price Index – March 2015

12 March 2015

NSW government contributes $50k to support potential community solar farm

11 March 2015

Residential Solar PV Price Index – March 2015

10 March 2015

South-east Queensland rooftop solar capacity reaches 1GW mark

3 March 2015

Solar Choice brokers winning bid for 150kW solar system at Mater Dei College in Camden, NSW

26 February 2015

Commercial PV Price Index – February 2015

25 February 2015

Residential Solar PV Price Index – February 2015

16 February 2015

Extension of Renewable Energy Target could trigger large-scale solar boom in Aus

10 February 2015

Solar Choice’s 2GW Bulli Creek Solar Farm receives planning approval from Toowoomba Regional Council

5 February 2015

NSW’s Broken Hill solar farm to be completed by end of 2015

23 January 2015

Commercial PV Price Index – January 2015

16 January 2015

Solar Choice Commercial brokers 30kW solar array for OMNI Connect in Carrum Downs, VIC

15 January 2015

Residential Solar PV Price Index – January 2015

7 January 2015

Solar Choice’s Mount Majura Solar Farm, edging closer to completion, will use QBotix’s sun-tracking robot technology

6 January 2015

Solar Choice Commercial brokers 100kW solar array for Natex Engineering

5 January 2015

Solar Choice brokers 79kW of solar across five sites for Galvins Plumbing Supplies in & around Perth

16 December 2014

Queensland continues to lead the way in another solid year for Aussie solar

12 December 2014

Solar Choice brokers 70kW solar array for Downfields Engineering in Toowoomba

10 December 2014

Solar Choice brokers 1.2MW rooftop solar array for Lebus Furniture UK

9 December 2014

Solar Choice brokers 100kW solar system for Synnex Australia

8 December 2014

Australian rooftop solar capacity now over 4GW

3 December 2014

Solar Choice delivers aesthetic 100kW solar power system for National Golf Club in Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

18 November 2014

Commercial PV Price Index – November 2014

17 November 2014

Residential Solar PV Price Index – November 2014

6 November 2014

Solar Choice brokers 30kW solar system for Slades Beverages in Melbourne

4 November 2014

Solar Choice brokers winning 1.06MW bid for Australia’s largest privately owned rooftop solar installation at Brisbane Markets

1 November 2014

70kW solar array for Vector Aerospace headquarters in Brisbane

31 October 2014

Solar Choice brokers 100kW rooftop solar array for Wangi District Workers Club, NSW

28 October 2014

Over 1 gigawatt of new solar was installed under small-scale RET in last 14 months: Green Energy Trading

27 October 2014

Renewable Energy Target state-of-play: What you need to know

23 October 2014

Coalition draws battle lines over RET

14 October 2014

Commercial Solar PV Prices for October 2014 now live

11 October 2014

Let there be light: Australian churches switching on solar power

10 October 2014

Residential Solar PV Prices for October 2014 now published

1 October 2014

Solar Choice brokers 30kW solar system for ISCAR headquarters in Sydney

30 September 2014

Rally for Renewables draws hundreds outside Abbott’s office in Manly, NSW

26 September 2014

National Rally for Renewables delivers strong message to MPs across Australia

25 September 2014

2014 brings expansion for robotic solar tracking manufacturer QBotix, with 80MW of supply now under contract globally

19 September 2014

Solar Council launches new peak body for energy storage: Energy Storage Council

18 September 2014

Labor, Greens & PUP stand up for RET at first Save Solar Community Forum in Sydney

16 September 2014

Labor affirms support for unaltered RET

12 September 2014

Over 15,000 Australian businesses have gone solar thanks to RET: Clean Energy Council

10 September 2014

Commercial solar PV system prices for September 2014

9 September 2014

Uncertainty about RET, already plaguing renewables investment, could also drive up electricity prices for consumers

7 September 2014

Residential solar PV prices for September 2014 now published

4 September 2014

Nearly 3000 new small-scale rooftop solar system installed in Queensland in August

29 August 2014

Renewable Energy Target review report has been released: What it means for homes and businesses thinking about going solar

22 August 2014

Aussie renewable energy industry speaks out against PM’s anti-RET intentions

18 August 2014

Government still looking to scrap RET rather than ‘compromise’ and weaken it: Financial Review

14 August 2014

16,000 new rooftop solar systems installed in July 2014, including 14MW commercial capacity

13 August 2014

Commercial Solar PV Price Index: August 2014

12 August 2014

Solar PV Price Index: August 2014

11 August 2014

Solar Choice’s 22kW demo system to tackle voltage rise, integrate energy storage

8 August 2014

With Moree Solar Farm’s future secured, ‘great opportunities’ await NSW large-scale solar

7 August 2014

Moree Solar Farm reaches financial close, construction to begin ‘immediately’

5 August 2014

RET report delayed as review panel asks for extension; renewables industry continues to hold its breath

1 August 214

One of Australia’s largest solar developers faces insolvency

31 July 2014

APVI adds PV system output estimator to suite of solar maps

30 July 2014

Solar employs more people than coal industry, and keeps electricity prices down: Australia Institute

23 July 2014

Solar Choice Commercial brokers 20kW solar system for Marrickville Council chambers

22 July 2014

Commercial solar PV price index for July 2014

18 July 2014

15-20% of Australian solar customers interested in energy storage

17 July 2014

Victorian electricity retailer set to hit solar system owners with additional fees

16 July 2014

15,000 new Australian households going solar monthly, with Queensland leading the way

10 July 2014

Inefficient pricing, not renewables, to blame for Australian electricity cost pain: Grattan Institute

8 July 2014

Solar PV Price Index – July 2014

1 July 2014

Elephants and baboons go solar as Solar Choice manages project tender for Melbourne Zoo

26 June 2014

Palmer’s backing of the RET ensures scheme’s survival, but cuts still likely

25 June 2014

New solar connection guidelines for Queensland come into effect from 1 July

24 June 2014

What NSW’s 2014-15 benchmark feed-in tariff rates mean for solar homes

18 June 2014

NSW’s recommended solar feed-in tariff rates fall slightly in final IPART report

13 June 2014

Aussie solar growth continues with Queensland leading on residential installs

10 June 2014

Commercial solar PV system prices for June 2014

6 June 2014

Solar Choice Commercial brokers 100kW solar installation for Ainsworth Gaming Technology

3 June 2014

Solar PV system prices for June 2014 now published

5 June 2014

Rooftop continues to grow in Queensland

4 June 2014

Queensland regulated residential electricity prices to increase 13% from 1 July 2014

30 May 2014

NSW government backs RET but recommends substantial changes

29 May 2014

Regional Queensland solar Feed-in tariff set for 6¢/kWh

21 May 2014

AGL’s submission to RET review urges incentive reductions

9 May 2014

Solar Choice releases pricing data for commercial-scale solar PV systems (10kW-100kW)

6 May 2014

What would a solar PV system cost without the Renewable Energy Target?

7 May 2014

Solar PV system prices for May 2014

2 May 2014

Australia’s small-scale solar plants’ contribution now equivalent to 1GW coal plant: Clean Energy Regulator

29 April 2014

Solar Council fears that RET review could mean the end of incentives for small-scale solar systems

25 April 2014

Solar export rates to fall again in NSW

22 April 2014

Australian households lead the way in solar PV investment

11 April 2014

Victoria Greens launch campaign to stand up for solar system owners

7 April 2014

Solar PV system prices for April 2014

2 April 2014

Solar Council's 'Save Solar' campaign goes full bore in WA

1 April 2014

Are Australian solar homes getting a fair deal for their excess power?

19 March 2014

Who will own the batteries? GSES suggests some ways utilities can adapt to the rise of distributed generation

12 March 2014

Battle for the RET begins in WA as Solar Council ramps up campaign

10 March 2014

Solar PV system prices for March 2014

7 March 2014

QLD's new, 'unfair' market rate for solar could mean more solar owners go off-grid

6 March 2014

Big changes ahead for Australian solar

4 March 2014

Australian Solar Council independent quality assurance seal for solar panels

3 March 2014

EnergyAustralia says rooftop solar to blame for falling wholesale electricity costs & demand

28 February 2014

With next phase of large-scale feed-in tariff underway, ACT doubles cap to 550MW

24 February 2014

Benefits of rooftop solar clearly visible in South Australia

20 February 2014

With Renewable Energy Target, Australia's solar industry takes facts into battle

19 February 2014

Suntech's Dr Zhenrong Shi visits Solar Choice office in Manly

Solar Choice now offering 2nd Commercial Solar Financing Package

18 February 2014

How you can help save the Renewable Energy Target

17 February 2014

Solar PV Price Index for February 2014

10 February 2014

Victoria opens feed-in tariff to low-emissions technologies

5 February 2014

Clean Energy Council kicks off 'Save our Solar' campaign

31 January 2014

Axing Renewable Energy Target could cost 7,000 Australian solar jobs

29 January 2014

Nitin Nampalli: Solar Choice News Technology Analyst

28 January 2014

Giles Parkinson joins Solar Choice News as regular contributor

24 January 2014

Solar Choice pricing data to be included in CEC’s 2014 business & industry solar PV guide

23 January 2014

China ups solar PV installation target for 2014

22 January 2014

Rooftop solar provided nearly 9% of SA's electricity, 3% of Victoria's during peak of heat on 16 Jan

21 January 2014

Outlook positive for energy storage in 2014

20 January 2014

ARENA announces 2 solar winners

16 January 2014

Solar Choice's Patent: Automatic Quotes for Solar Power Installations

15 January 2014

Solar Selections brokers installation of solar panels for 10 locations of UK's largest bakery chain, Greggs

11 January 2014

Australia nears 2 million solar roofs, small-scale renewable energy units already past 2 million

10 January 2014

Solar Choice brokers & develops installation of solar panels for 6 ACT McDonald's restaurants

7 January 2014

What is your feed-in tariff eligibility in Western Australia (Horizon Customers)?

31 December 2013

2013: The Australian solar year in review

29 December 2013

Government intentions to dilute the RET becoming clearer

20 December 2013

Among the upcoming wave of utility-scale solar farms, Silex Systems plans projects in Victoria, Queensland and beyond

10 December, 2013

Solar PV System Price Index for December 2013 now published

5 December 2013

Solar Choice is hiring for a PV Engineer and Commercial Energy Analyst. Click the link to learn more.

4 December 2013

Australia reaches 3-gigawatt rooftop solar capacity milestone

14 November 2013

Federal government moves to cut ARENA funding

13 November 2013

Solar PV System Price Index for November 2013 now published

5 November 2013

SA feed-in tariff recipients could lose benefit by installing energy storage

30 Oct 2013

Could solar system owners face additional power bill charges?

25 October 2013

Solar Choice sponsors 10kW solar power system for Manly Surf Life Saving Club

23 October 2013

Energy storage options are growing: What products are out there?

12 October 2013

Solar PV System Price Index for October 2013 now published

10 October 2013

Is solar power still worth it in Queensland? 100MW of new, 'unsubsidised' capacity says 'yes'

8 October 2013

World energy mix may shift to renewables faster than expected

1 October 2013

SA Transitional Feed-in Tariff closed. What's next for solar power in South Australia?

26 September 2013

Energy storage options are growing: What are the benefits? (Part 1)

19 September 2013

Solar farms near airports: Is glare an issue?

11 September 2013

Solar PV/energy storage market poised for rapid growth

2 September 2013

Tasmania's feed-in tariff rate drops: What's next? Meanwhile, SA's feed-in tariff deadline approaches.

21 August 2013

ACT announces winners of round 2 of reverse-auction feed-in tariff for large-scale solar

19 August 2013

Tasmanian solar feed-in tariff deadline announced: Apply by 30 August 2013

14 August 2013

Solar PV Price Index for August 2013

13 Aug 2013

WA government reverses decision to retroactively reduce solar feed-in tariff

9 August 2013

Western Australia announces retroactive feed-in tariff cuts. Learn more and sign the Solar Citizens petition against the decision.

5 August 2013

Solar power is here to stay (SMH)

1 August 2013

A Solar Flagship project finally cleared to launch

31 July 2013

Solar, gas futures bright, while coal exports may peak by 2020

26 July 2013

Solar power could push coal out of the game by 2040

18 July 2013

Australian solar industry installed over 1GW, employed 11,000 in 2012

16 July 2013

Sunshine Coast council to invest in huge solar farm

10 July 2013

New solar connection procedures for Essential Energy customers in NSW

9 July 2013

ACT minister grants planning approval for Australia's largest solar farm

8 July 2013

Going solar in the ACT under ActeAGL's new net Solar Buyback scheme

4 July 2013

Solar PV Price Index for July 2013 now out

28 June 2013

Nigel Morris of Solar Business Services joins Solar Choice Commercial as Commercial & Solar Farm Tender Specialist

27 June 2013

The Guardian's solar map of Australia

25 June 2013

Solar panel costs could drop significantly by 2017: GTM Research

18 June 2013

Solar Buyback rates for not-for-profits, schools, and community organisations in and around Perth, WA

13 June 2013

ACT Solar Feed-in Tariff: Apply by 30 June 2013 to receive generous 1:1 rate

12 June 2013

$400m to be invested in off-grid and fringe-of grid renewable energy by 2018

7 June 2013

Reminder: Queensland Feed-in Tariff installation deadline is 30 June 2013

23 May 2013

More Australian businesses turning to solar power

22 May 2013

Tasmania's 27c/kWh feed-in tariff may remain in place for 3 years

21 May 2013

NSW feed-in tariff rates: IPART now preparing report for 2013-2014

16 May 2013

Is solar leasing right for you?

15 May 2013

Solar panel installations in WA: Numbers steady, even without subsidies

14 May 2013

Solar Choice Solar PV Price Index for May 2013

8 May 2013

Breakthrough at UNSW could make solar panels cheaper, more efficient

1 May 2013

Phase 2 of ACT Solar Auction receives 15 applicants

26 April 2013

Clean Energy Council introduces Code of Conduct for solar PV installers

25 April 2013

South Australia Feed-in Tariff rate to see no increase in 2013-2014

24 April 2013

NSW electricity prices to even out in 2013-2014

18 April 2013

Australia hits 1 million solar homes

17 April 2013

Tasmanian solar feed-in tariff scheme under review; incentive may be reduced

9 April 2013

Solar Choice PV Price Check for April 2013

27 March 2013

Sydney's Mount St Benedict college to self-fund 100kW solar PV system

23 March 2013

Renewable Energy Target review results: 'Small-scale' solar threshold stays at 100kW

20 March 2013

Price of solar system installations expected to rise in 2013

19 March 2013

Solar Choice's Mount Majura Solar Farm in the Canberra Times

5 March 2013

Queensland electricity prices to rise again in 2013/2014

4 March 2013

Solar Choice PV Price Index for March 2013

27 February 2013

100% Renewables celebrates solar BBQ success

26 February 2013

Solar power for businesses: An attractive investment

21 February 2013

Coal fired power station in Queensland to be converted to ‘clean energy park’

20 February 2013

Suntech supports research into removing consumer barriers to solar PV installation

19 February 2013

BREAKING NEWS: NSW solar PV customers can expand without losing their existing tariff

14 February 2013

Solar Choice assists Macquarie Club Dubbo to install 35kW solar panel array

1 February 2013

Solar Choice Price Index – February 2013

31 January 2013

IKEA’s opens new commercial solar PV project in Florida

30 January 2013

Diamond Energy – Australia’s number one energy retailer!

29 January 2013

Volkswagen unveils 9.4 megawatt solar park

25 January 2013

Solar powered mining in Western Australia

24 January 2013

Solar in Clubs – round one installations complete for Clubs NSW

22 January 2013

Solar output driving energy prices down, in Europe

21 January 2013

Electricity demand continues to decline

17 January 2013

South Australia’s feed in tariff: updates, cut off dates and rates

16 January 2013

The future of residential solar battery storage solutions

15 January 2013

Contact our new Adelaide office for solar power deals in South Australia

10 January 2013

Significant breakthrough made in the development of energy storage

9 January 2013

Australian Solar Council unveils Solar Hall of Fame

January 8 2013

American solar sector given boost through purchase of ‘worlds largest solar energy plant’

19 December 2012

Climate Change Authority releases final report on the Renewable Energy Target (RET) Scheme

13 December 2012

Turn your building into a mini power plant with Building-integrated Photo Voltaic (BIPV) solutions, now available through Solar Choice

12 December 2012

Taking German solar engineering to the Mexican sunshine

10 December 2012

Solar Choice Price Index – December 2012

7 December 2012

Queensland’s solar PV system owners help reduce peak demand

6 December 2012

Solar PV system owners in Queensland fight back

5 December 2012

Get the best solar PV deals in South Sydney and Sutherland Shire

4 December 2012

Northern Beaches Solar – meet our local expert

28 November 2012

ABB inverters for commercial scale solar PV sytems

20 November 2012

Diamond Energy feed-in bonus shines in Victoria!

16 November 2012

Solar credit multiplier to end on 1 January 2013

15 November 2012

The ACT aims for 90% clean energy by 2020

14 November 2012

The Shire of East Pilbara invests in commercial solar power in the traditional mining town of Marble Bar

9 November 2012

Cheap solar deals – 1.5 kW solar PV systems for under $500

8 November 2012

Southern Cross Care at Broken Hill install an 150kW solar panel system brokered by the Solar Choice Dubbo office

7 November 2012

Take a tour of Tindo Solar’s first Australian solar PV manufacturing plant

5 November 2012

The Suntech fraud case, what it means for Suntech customers and the Australian solar market

2 November 2012

Solar Choice Price Index – November 2012

31 October 2012

SunPower Corporation invests in Australian owned Diamond Energy

30 October 2012

Solar power in NSW – the benefits for customers thinking of going solar

29 October 2012

Instant solar quotes from Solar Choice

26 October 2012

Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, opens Australia’s only solar PV manufacturing plant

24 October 2012

2kW solar PV systems: Cost, Productivity and Return on Investment

18 October 2012

1.5kW solar system: Pricing, Outputs and Returns

16 October 2012

The Club industry continues to reduce its environmental impact through the introduction of solar power

10 October 2012

Find the best North Shore solar and Northern Beach solar deals with Solar Choice’s team of Solar Brokers

9 October 2012

Find the Best Solar Power Systems Deals in the Hunter Vally, NSW

8 October 2012

Queensland gross feed-in tariff rejected by utilities companies and energy retailers

5 October 2012

Solar Choice Price Index – October 2012

4 October 2012

Australian Government commissions report on 100% renewable sceanario

3 October 2012

Australian Government commissions report on 100% renewable sceanario

2 October 2012

Sharp develops see through solar panels

27 September 2012

Victorian government applauded for energy efficiency project

26 September 2012

ACT Greens propose Feed-in Tariff incentive for small- and medium-scale solar systems

25 September 2012

Renewable energy, including Solar PV, the only energy source to offer future price reductions

24 September 2012

Solar panel orientation: Taking a western view

22 September 2012

Smart Grid, Smart City – helping residents with their energy bills in NSW

20 September 2012

A gross Solar Feed-in Tariff for Queensland?

18 September 2012

WINAICO to launch their new 285W module in October

17 September 2012

Apple builds the first of two 20MW solar farms

13 September 2012

ReneSola introduces new line of microinverters for the US market

12 September 2012

IKEA stores in the UK to sell solar panels

10 September 2012

Meet the Solar Choice Commercial Business Case and Design Team

9 September 2012

Solar Choice Price Index – September 2012

6 September 2012

Australia’s first solar desalination plant approved

5 September 2012

Spanish firm FRV to build 20kw solar farm near Canberra

3 September 2012

Victoria Feed-in Tariffs: Apply and install by 30 September 2012, new rate will be 8c/kWh

28 August 2012

Take a tour of the Solar Choice Commercial Tender Management Platform

27 August 2012

Electricity generation by distributed renewable projects to triple by 2017

22 August 2012

ACT Reverse-Auction Feed-in Tariff 'winners' to be announced in coming weeks

21 August 2012

Australian Solar Energy Society (AUSES) changes name to Australian Solar Energy Council

16 August 2012

30MW solar farm approved for Kerang, central Victoria

13 August 2012

NSW Solar Feed-in Tariff rates temporarily removed from MyEnergyOffers website

10 August 2012

Electricity market reform comes to the forefront of the clean energy debate

9 August 2012

Solar Choice Commercial manages tenders for utility scale solar power

4 August 2012

Changes to Australian solar PV installation standard AS5033: What’s new?

3 August 2012

City of Sydney's massive solar plans: 1.25MW across 30 rooftops

2 August 2012

Solar Choice solar PV price check: August 2012

1 August 2012

Cheapest energy will come from renewables in 2030: BREE

31 July 2012

1.7GW of solar PV installed across 750,000 homes in Australia: Clean Energy Regulator

30 July 2012

Clean Energy Week 2012: Roundup and Pictures

23 July 2012

Victoria Transitional Feed-in Tariff approaching 70MW capacity cap, closure of scheme to new applicants could come soon.

12 July 2012

South Australia Solar Feed-in Tariff increase: 25.8c/kWh from 1 July 2012

10 July 2012

Queensland Solar Bonus Feed-in Tariff rate now 8c/kWh for new applicants

5 July 2012

Queensland Solar Bonus Feed-in Tariff: Important info for installers from Energex

1 July 2012

Federal Solar Credits Rebate: STC Multiplier drops to 2x from 3x

26 June 2012

How to proceed to secure access to Queensland's 44c Solar Bonus Feed-in Tariff rate.

25 June 2012

Queensland government announces drastic cuts to Solar Bonus Feed-in Tariff Scheme: 44c/kWh to 8c/kWh. Proceed directly online from your Solar Quote Comparison to lock in the 44c rate. Applications must be submitted by midnight 9 July 2012.

23 May 2012

Solar Choice helps McDonald's restaurant in Kilsyth, Victoria go solar

18 May 2012

Victoria Feed-in Tariffs to be reduced

16 May 2012

Some good news: Climate Change Minister confirms Federal Solar Credits rebate will not be prematurely reduced

15 May 2012

WA Solar Feed-in Tariff scheme to go over budget

7 May 2012

290 kilowatt solar power station comes to Carnarvon, WA

4 May 2012

World-wide solar PV peak body founded: Global Solar Council

2 May 2012

Solar Credits rebate likely to be prematurely reduced

30 April 2012

The economics of commercial-scale solar power farming in NSW: 10kW, 50kW and beyond

24 April 2012

Queensland Government vows to halt electricity price rises for 12 months from July 2012

23 April 2012

Pay-as-you-go "Free Solar Panels" agreements now available in Australia

16 April 2012

49 solar projects bid for ACT Large-Scale Solar Feed-in Tariff

13 April 2012

Dubbo NSW Australia's #1 Solar Postcode

12 April 2012

Average 16% electricity price rise expected for NSW: IPART

30 March 2012

Special accreditation requirements for Queensland solar system installers

27 March 2012

Monocrystalline vs Polycrystalline Solar Panels: Bustig Myths

26 March 2012

Queensland Solar Feed-in Tariff 'safe' after LNP wins election

23 March 2012

WA electricity rates to rise by up to 20% by end of 2012

22 March 2012

WA Horizon grid Solar Buyback rates to change from 1 July 2012

14 March 2012

NSW Solar Bonus Feed-in Tariff Scheme: IPART Final Report Released

29 February 2012

Federal Government Dumps Solar Hot Water Incentives

16 February 2012

Victoria Feed-in Tariff Inquiry Issues Paper released: Submission of comments due by 29 March 2012

15 February 2012

Darwin Criteria for connecting solar PV systems to the grid

14 February 2012

What the Solar Flagships trouble means for large-scale solar

9 February 2012

1-to-1 Solar Buyback Schemes vs Solar Feed-in Tariffs: The Economics

6 February 2012

Solar Choice opens Brisbane, Queensland branch office

24 January 2012

A Solar Community bulk discount deal organised by Solar Choice for the residents of Kununurra, Wyndham, and Lake Argyle, Western Australia is now underway.

20 January 2012

Federal Solar Credit rebate multiplier to fall from 1 July 2012--from 3x multiplier to 2x? Or to 1x?

17 December 2012

Inquiry into Victoria's Feed-in Tariffs announced

14 December 2011

Solar system prices reaching unprecedented lows across Australia. Why and how long will it last?

13 December 2011

Solar power sees major growth across Australia in 2010-2011

12 December 2011

Australia to see 37% average rise in electricity prices by 2014

5 December 2011

Solar Choice now on Linkedin

1 December 2011

ACT large-scale solar feed-in tariff details released

24 November 2011

8-10c/kWh: New NSW Solar Bonus Scheme Feed-in Tariff Scheme rate draft determination

15 November 2011

Draft determination for retailers' contribution to South Australia Feed-in Tariff announced by ESCOSA

8 November 2011

Carbon Price legislation passes senate, becomes law in Australia. It will come into effect from July 2011.

25 October 2011

Solar Choice Commercial announces Commercial PV Finance Package

The Package, an exclusive agreement between CAFGA and Solar Choice Commercial, has the potential to revolutionise the large-scale PV industry in Australia.

18 October 2011

Solar Choice gets a Mitsubishi i MiEV electric vehicle

Solar Choice staff will from this point on be motoring around in style and on zero emissions for official business.

13 October 2011

Solar Choice announces Townsville, Queensland Solar Community

A Solar Community organised by Solar Choice is now underway in the Townsville region.

12 October 2011

Solar Choice announces Mackay Solar Community

A Solar Community organised by Solar Choice is now underway in the Mackay region.

30 September 2011

SA and Vic Feed-in Tariffs conclude in an orderly manner

Both the South Australia Feed-in Tariff and Victoria Premium Feed-in Tariff schemes reached a conclusion on 30 September 2011. The new FiT rates for each state will be 22c/kWh and 25c/kWh, respectively.

23 September 2011

Changes to South Australia Solar Feed-in Tariff legislation

1 September 2011

Victoria 60c Premium Solar Feed-in Tariff Scheme deadline 30 September 2011. 25c rate to follow.

10 August 2011

Victoria Solar Feed-in Tariff cap limit quickly approaching

4 August 2011

NSW Solar Update: IPART terms of reference released for next solar feed-in tariff scheme

1 August 2011

WA Solar Feed-in Tariff closed to new applicants

14 July 2011

ACT Solar Feed-in Tariff closes again

4 July 2011

ACT Solar Feed-in Tariff reopened to small-scale systems

1 July 2011

WA 44c/kWh Solar Feed-in Tariff Scheme application deadline closes

24 June 2011

SA Solar Feed-in Tariff changes: Results from parliamentary debate

29 April 2011

NSW Government suspends Solar Bonus Feed-in Tariff Scheme

14 June 2011

Save Solar Power: National Industry Summit to be held in Sydney

7 June 2011

Some good news: NSW Government drops retroactive Solar Bonus Feed-in Tariff reduction plans

1 June 2011

ACT hits 15MW cap, scheme closes

31 May 2011

Things to know about the Victoria Solar Feed-in Tariff

20 May 2011

WA Feed-in Tariff reduction: 30 June 2011 application for 40c/kWh rate

13 May 2011

Solar Shock: Government announces retrospective NSW Solar Bonus Scheme cuts

10 May 2011

Eligibility changes to Queensland Solar Bonus Feed-in Tariff Scheme

5 May 2011

Solar Credits Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) multiplier to fall from 5x to 3x

15 April 2011

NSW electricity prices to rise by up to 18.1% by July 2011

5 April 2011

ACT Solar Feed-in Tariff to remain unchanged at 47c/kWh

7 January 2011

Enhanced Renewable Energy Target: changes for 2011 now in effect

1 December 2010

Solar Credits Amendments for 2011

The Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency announced today the changes to the Solar Credits Discount Scheme that the industry has been anticipating. The good news is that a long term plan has been outlined in accordance with the original intension of the legislation. This was to phase out the discount at a steady annual rate.

The Solar Credits Multiplier, which currently multiplies by five the number of RECs that are allocated for the first 1.5kW of a grid-connected solar energy installation in Australia, is to be reduced accordingly:

5x to 4x on 1 July 2011;

4x to 3x on 1 July 2012;

3x to 2x on 1 July 2013 and;

2x to 1x from 1 July 2014.

This brings the changes forward one year from when originally proposed. It reflects the original intension of the legislation to phase out the discount in tune with the lowering overhead costs of production and installation of solar components.

In addition, the minimum $40 value for RECs is to go ahead. This will allow customers and installers the option to place their generated RECs in a 'clearing house', whereby after three months they will automatically be paid $40 per REC for their value.

Both of these announcements are welcomed by the industry, giving some much needed stability and forward planning.

27 October 2010

NSW Solar Bonus Scheme: Midnight Announcement Regarding NSW Solar Feed-In Tariff

If you pay a deposit by tonight you will receive the current 60c rate until 2016.

The NSW Government are announcing important changes as of midnight tonight to the NSW Solar Bonus Scheme. Confirmed reports of the alteration currently project a 21 day period for people to be included in the current 60c per kWh tariff, running until 2017. Further officially unconfirmed reports at this stage that the new rate will be 20c per kWh Gross.

This means if you pay a deposit you will have the best chance of receiving this rate.

Solar Choice is investigating through all sources the definition of 'participating customers', and what status a system and application needs to be in to be classed as such. Further updates will be made available asap, follow us on Twitter for more information. (

Official release (

7 September 2010

SA's net feed in tariff increased to 54c per kWh

SA Premier Mike Rann last week announced that the State's net feed in tariff will be increased from 44c to 54c per kWh, from a date yet to be decided. Other changes include limiting the payment of the scheme to the first 45 kW hrs exported to the grid per day (meaning 10kW is close to the largest system eligible). Systems installed primarily for commercial profit making objectives are excluded. Most significantly, the scheme will be closed to new connections once 60 megaWatts of eligible customers have been installed.

24 August 2010

Submissions for review of NSW Gross Feed In Tariff to be lodged by 30 Sept 2010

Earlier today the NSW Govt invited submissions from the solar energy industry and members of the public on what changes, if any, should be applied to the immensely popular Gross Feed In Tariff (or Solar Bonus Scheme). Submissions need to be lodged by 30 September 2010.

Thankfully the NSW Govt hasn't imposed any sudden changes. The Minister has made clear that customers already connected to the scheme, or who will have their gross meters approved by their electricity wholesaler prior to any legislative changes (if any), will not have their entitlement to the scheme's generosity affected.

Solar Choice anticipates that demand in NSW for solar energy installations will surge on this news, and recommends that customers err on the side of prudence and proceed with their preferred installer as soon as possible to avoid any risk of missing the 60c per kW hour gross tariff.

4 June 2010

Queensland net feed-in tariff to continue as normal

The Queensland Govt recently announced that the net feed in reward scheme will continue in it's current form paying a minimum of 44c per kWh for installations up to 30kW per three phase meter. Approximately 36 megaWatts of solar PV has been connected to the grid across the state pursuant to the net tariff since it commenced on 1 July 2008. Some electricity retailers are paying up to 50c per kWh.

27 May 2010

WA announces net feed in reward scheme from 1 Aug 2010

WA Energy Minister Peter Collier this afternoon released details on the net feed in tariff or reward scheme to start on 1 August 2010 (with applications from 1 July). The scheme will run for 10yrs, paying a minimum of 47c per kWh, including the 7c already provided for under the existing Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme. Systems for residential premises up to 5kW are allowed for Synergy customers in the South West grid, and 59c per kW hour up to 30kW (10kW per phase) for Horizon customers outside the South West grid. Eligibility for commercial properties remains subject to an ongoing feasibility study.

2 September 2010

NSW FIT quickly approaching 50 megaWatt review

It was announced yesterday at the Australian and NZ Solar Energy Society (ANZSES) conference in Sydney that the generous NSW gross feed in reward scheme is rapidly approaching its 50 megaWatt ceiling for review. A tally was conducted by NSW's three energy wholesalers (Energy Australia, Country Energy and Integral), and it was ascertained that 28 megaWatts of eligible customers have already been either connected in NSW or have applied to be connected pursuant to the scheme. When the scheme was announced only recently in November 2009, there were 8 megaWatts of eligible customers connected. With such a rapid surge in NSW customers seeking the benefits of the scheme, Solar Choice recommends that customers err on the side of prudence and aim to find an installer who can have your system fully installed and connected to the grid ASAP.

10 November 2009

NSW announces generous gross feed in tariff

NSW Govt announced an hour ago that the new feed in reward scheme starting on 1 January 2010 will be far more generous than the net tariff announced earlier this year, and that a gross scheme will be introduced instead. This gross scheme will reward customers with installations up to 10kW with a premium rate of 60c per kW hour, which is four times the market price of electricity, regardless of how much electricity is consumed by the household.

2 November 2009

Victorian Feed In Tariff commences

Victoria's feed in tariff commenced yesterday. The scheme is limited to only the first 100 mega Watts of solar energy connected to the grid, meaning that Victorian customers yet to install solar will need to move quickly in order to receive the premium rate of 60c per kW hour (nearly 4 times the market rate) for surplus clean energy that systems up to 5kW contribute to the grid. Customers should also shop around for those electricity companies which will pay you a cheque for your feed in rewards, rather than just credit your account.

20 August 2009

Solar Credit discount legislation due to pass the Senate

Solar Credit discount legislation due to pass the Senate today, allowing up front discounts of up to $7,000 for all Australian principal residences, businesses and holiday homes to install solar energy.

1 July 2009

Solar Choice successful in legal challenge to Fed Govt.

Solar Choice successful in legal challenge to Fed Govt. If you faxed or emailed $8k rebate application on or prior to 9 June 2009, you now have until 17 July 2009 to deliver your original signatures to Canberra.

18 June 2009

Update on progress of Solar Credit legislation

10 June 2009

Solar Credit discounts

Solar Credit discounts will operate to save you up to $7k in going solar -no means test, and available for all buildings including commercial premises and holiday homes.

9 June 2009

Federal Govt's shock: $8k rebate ended three weeks early.

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