Victoria Time-Varying Solar Feed-in Tariff Calculator (Also: Regional QLD)

The calculator below is a modified version of our Solar & Battery Storage Payback Estimator tool created specifically for users to estimate the benefits of Victoria’s Time-Varying Solar Feed-in Tariff. To keep the size (and loading speed) of the file manageable, it does not incorporate details about battery storage at this point in time.

Please not that the same limitations that apply to the Solar & Battery Storage Estimator also apply to this calculator, and that all outputs are indicative only and should not be considered financial advice. That being said, we believe that it is sophisticated enough to give users a ballpark idea of solar system payback times under either the state’s flat rate FiT or time-varying FiT.

For more context, please see our article about Victoria’s Time-Varying Feed-in Tariff.

Also note that this tool supports the TV FiT now available to customers on the Ergon network in regional Queensland.