NSW 60c FiT recipients: a portal to vent your discontent

Many Solar Choice customers who installed a solar energy installation in NSW on the 60c tariff are likely to be concerned by the NSW Govt’s attempt to retrospectively slash the feed-in rate from 60c per kWh to 40c. With 110,000 NSW households having invested in good faith under the scheme, this move gives new meaning to œdaylight robbery. But there is good news.

Varous Liberal and National MPs are considering voting against the feed-in tariff reduction legislation when it’s before parliament tomorrow. In addition, the Shooters and Fishers Party and the Christian Democrat Party – who together hold the balance of power in the Upper House “ have stated their reluctance to vote for retrospective legislation.

We’re encouraging all our installed NSW customers to voice their dissent this afternoon – quick and efficiently using the following online portal:


If after adding your voice to the campaign you’d like to contribute further, the Australian Solar Energy Society has proved a strong and fierce industry advocate and would welcome your assistance. You can do so at http://www.auses.org.au/donations/

You may have read the article in Saturday’s Daily Telegraph about Solar Choice spearheading legal consultations for a possible class action.

Thanks for your time,

Solar Choice Pty Ltd

James Martin II


  1. I bought and selected a unit to invest in a zero bill,this was based on a 60cent feed in tarriff,its a shame that the new goverment will not respect the previous goverments contract to guarantee the feed in tarriff for 7 years

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